A Poem about Rocks

A Poem about Rocks

A Poem by Azure Montessa (Blue)


This is a poem about rocks.
Let's baptize them "Rocks"
because it's the only name
that makes sense for rocks.
But then again all rocks are called "Rocks"
so giving them a name
won't have a difference anyhow.

But are they "he" or "she"?
Let's say it doesn't matter.
After all, rocks don't wear clothes.
Rocks don't go on dates,
get married,
or make love.
So giving them gender is pointless.
Very pointless.

So rocks see the world
--but they are a piece of the world
and rocks don't have senses
so rocks cannot see.
Worse, rocks can never feel.
Rocks feel bad about their nature.
But then I just remembered
rocks are deprived of feelings
so ignore the sixth line of this stanza.

Nobody knows the birthday of rocks.
All we know is
they were born rocks
and they will die as rocks.
But rocks don't have life
so rocks never die.
But then again, nothing lasts forever
so maybe rocks die, too?

Perhaps God hates rocks
because He created wind to torture rocks
and water to erode rocks.
But it takes years.
Lots and lots of years.
But at least rocks will die.

What will happen next?
After the death of rocks, I mean?
Will rocks grow wings and be sent to heaven?
(Do rocks even have their own heaven?)

If a rock has been a really good rock,
maybe it will.

But how can we say a rock has been good?

By staying faithful on the ground?
By drifting flirtatiously with the wind?
By allowing humans to craft it into good shape?

We will never know.
We are not rocks.

We have senses.
We have names.
We have identities.
We have sexual preferences.
We have life.
We have souls.

We are humans.

But this poem is not about humans.
This poem is about rocks.

© 2013 Azure Montessa (Blue)

Author's Note

Azure Montessa (Blue)
My dear friend Eddie Davis once commented on one of my poems: I'm pretty sure you could write about a rock laying on the ground and make it wonderful and interesting.

I tried to prove him wrong by writing this, which for me, is the worst rubbish I came up with. xD

I had a really good time writing this one, though.

Thank you, Eddie Davis. :) :)

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nice poem Blue

if humans can make it to heaven, rocks can too

if there is heaven for rocks, lol
But, who cares? they're just rocks
It seems you care, you just gave life to it :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

I like the humor within this and the comparisons you make. Its a fun poem which is good enough for me. ha Good one.

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thank you so much, Relic!
Wow, you did it, Blue! But obviously this isn't really about rocks, but about those who act as if they were rocks. Stone hearts and all. It is actually rather deep. You pondered what happens to rocks -- well, time and weather tends to wear out these hard, cold things and sooner or later they turn to dirt or sand which people walk upon and squish between their toes. Nothing lasts forever, not even rocks. A drop of water, on the hardest rock, over a long enough time, will wear it down.

So rocks are even temporary, just like the earth that God formed everything from. As you said, souls are immortal, even hard, cold souls, but they are easy to be taken for granite! (Sorry for the play on words, but I couldn't resist.).

Blue, you astound me, that was an amazingly deep essay on rocks. Well done!

Posted 5 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

I don't see any depth in here. Haha. Thank you, Eddie.
Rocks are one of my favorite things.. I found your pondering interesting Blue

Posted 5 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thank you so much, Renee!

4 Years Ago

( : my pleasure
This was at least interesting and gave cause for thought. Interesting thought processes going on inside your head Blue lol!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Azure Montessa (Blue)

5 Years Ago

I was thinking maybe this should cause an alarm? Haha. Thank you, John! I'm busy typing and publishi.. read more

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Added on December 26, 2013
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