Dear J

Dear J

A Story by Azure Montessa (Blue)


Dear J,

Remember the day you introduced yourself to me and offered me friendship? Yeah, that was, let me think, last week? I was charmed by your honest approach and poetic expressions it was impossible not to be smitten by you.

It was fun. The sweet exchange. The heart-to-heart talks. The confessions of secrets. We were even subjects of each other's poems. It was surreal. Way too surreal.

Only later did I realize that dreamlike experiences often remain dreamlike, never trespassing the boundaries of reality.

And then, just like how quickly it all started, it also quickly ended. You blocked me from viewing your profiles on Facebook, WritersCafe, and Skype. Just like that. No explanation. No goodbye. Nothing at all. I was in dumbfounded disbelief. Surely there must be a mistake? You couldn't simply leave me hanging like an utter idiot. But you did leave. And I am an idiot.

Like always, I lose people just when I'm loving them the most. I should have been more cautious, should have paid more attention to the tell-tale signs. But I was foolish. There are tons of fun in the foolishness of love.

It hurts, though. Hurts like hell. You know, being rejected?

But don't worry. I've been through worst. I just wish you could see me now, picking up my pieces, standing, and moving on. I've done my share of asking why's, of justifying your exit, of wishing you'd come back with an apology. Ugh. Don't even consider coming back, please.

I believe things happen for a reason. And things happen for the best. Maybe I will never know the reason but at least I have a new name on my list of "Guys to Avoid".

Anyway, I'm running out of ink. And I don't think my paper can bear to see its skin further tainted with your name (which, by the way, proved to be a disgrace to humanity).

Congratulations for the game well played. Best wishes on your next victim! (Just shy away from writers. I've heard they're the worst avengers.)

Sincerely yours,
the woman whom you once "loved".

P.S. Your daughter is sweet, charming, adorable, and all that. I'm just so sorry she has you for a father.

© 2013 Azure Montessa (Blue)

Author's Note

Azure Montessa (Blue)
I hate this letter. And I can't believe the words are mine.

Why I posted this? Just wanted an opinion on the structure since I'm used to writing poems and not essays.

Best wishes.

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I think the structure is great. It was a good idea to put it in a letter format.

The P.S at the end changed my mind about the writers relationship with J, i thought it was just a fling, oh wait, does J know about the child? maybe not, shame ...

Thanks for sharing.

Posted 2 Years Ago

It purifies the soul to write how you feel, Blue. I remember, years ago, when a girl stepped on my heart, I wrote a poem about it and gave it to a local band who turned it into a song. That is the nature of relationships, sadly, many people know what to say and how to sound sincere, to woo those who are hurting, lonely or just wonderfully optimistic about human nature. On-line relationships are a deeper challenge as you can't see their facial reactions (usually) or see anything of their life except what they choose to show you.

Blue, you are a tender heart and a sweet person and there are plenty of wolves out there that love to prey on lovely people like you. The solution is NOT to change you at all, but to just be cautious and know that in the field of relationships, there are probably more weeds then there are flowers, but once you find the perfect one, you'll see it is worth it.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Bluest Blue

4 Years Ago

Thank you so much for your wise counsels, Eddie. You are definitely right in this advice. :)
I like the realism. Is this truly true though? How do you fall in love in a week?

Posted 4 Years Ago

Bluest Blue

4 Years Ago

Haha. It wasn't love, I think. An infatuation that I exaggerated. ;) Thank you, Quirklet!
You are on a roll today little one! And I will avoid upsetting you after this! Once again it is interesting to follow your narrative. It feels very real.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Bluest Blue

4 Years Ago

Thank you so much, John! I missed reading you!

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