You Got Some Nerve

You Got Some Nerve

A Poem by Aspiring Angel


Once again into play you have reared your ugly soul
What has caused you to show yourself to her today?
So many months had passed with no sign of you
She thought she had prayed your hurt away

You left her to loose footing at the edge of unstable cliff
Only now she has found the strength to move from its edge
She has blocked you from her heart and finding a new start
Reclaiming the inner strength that was placed upon its ledge


You got some nerve to show up again
Just to mess with her heart and mind
Regrets maybe for what now you see
How could your heart have been so blind?

I hope you now truly know 'you reap what you sow'
I hope that karma truly knows your name
For there was no excuse for the brutal abuse
God help me ... I wish your heart to hurt the same

Sorry your games you will no longer play
Not one feeling of guilt I have leaving this to you
I helped pick up the shattered pieces you left behind
I will not let you dissolve the fresh glue
Deliberately you brought her to trust again
Delighting in the game of hearts that you played
Once sure she was totally yours you tipped your hand
To viciously tear all self esteem away
Where were you when your deed was done
Leaving your cruelty to replay in her mind
Where were you when I heard her sob
That herself she could no longer find

Where were you when the cradle found my phone
When I worried of what she might do
Where were you when her new day began
To be another day not wanted to live through
You gotta a nerve I'll tell you true
STOP this before you even think to begin
She is finally beginning to find herself again
I won't allow you to bring that to an end
You hide away for months pretending you are gone
Then you rear your ugly head
A sadist heart to again try to break apart
Whom he had already left for dead

No matter what you say .. Maybe it is even today
You will regret what you so cruelly threw away
If I could perhaps I would feel sorry for you
But instead to you I say ...

You forgot with whom you played the game
And I'll give you this
For awhile it appeared you would win
But she is now moving away from all the pain
A beautiful metamorphosis about to begin

If it were that it was only a love gone bad
Then perhaps maybe I could have seen
But you ripped and tore her heart from bitter start
'I love you .. I love you not'
Played with such glaring purposeful glee

Please go away ... Leave her in peace

Please, please, just go away!
Leave her heart to again find the sun
Before it is even once again begun
At here expense you have lived your fun


... you could have had it all

And now ... who is left to fall?

Aspiring Angel
January 2010

Rod Stewart
U Got A Nerve

© 2010 Aspiring Angel

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nice rant,I feel the emotion,the pain,the loss...
at times it is good to get things off your mind,as well as tell other people this saddest of stories.
it shames me to see how mean some people are to others,
it shames me to see what humanity is capable of,
that they should put other people through this kind of hell.
good work on this write.

Posted 8 Years Ago

OMG Lesa you have so clearly spoken the heart of us both
You suggested I write to this song well my sweet you just
did that for me... You have spoken two hearts and spoken
them clear. Sugar of all the writes you have done, selfishly
I claim this to be your best. This is the first time I have truly
seen you write with out guarded emotions. You need to do this
more often... This was absolutely AWESOME.... so good always
knowing you have my back door as I do yours.

I love you Girlie Girl
Extra big Hugs

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Aspiring Angel
Aspiring Angel

Reno, NV

I am so glad That you have dropped in To meet a new face And experience a new heart Come along with me as Aspiring Angel speaks to Me in whispers that brings Her thoughts to live.. more..