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You Taught Us To Say I Love You

You Taught Us To Say I Love You

A Poem by Aspiring Angel


You Taught Us To Say I Love You

You taught us to say "I Love you"
With a tape of this playing music left on dad's chair
Giving only the smallest of hints
Of what he would find once he arrived there

Daddy went to try to understand
The message you left so far but near
"Dad you will find a bit of me and you
Within the music I left in your chair"

As he listened to its whisperings
Tears spilled down his face
As he realized how we all had left you
In a very dark and lonely place

Here you stood our teenage daughter
In black capes and raven hair
A heart wishing for love and understanding
We found placed waiting within Dad's chair

We were to find in the listening
How time was passing us all too quickly by
Yes we stood to be a family
But we were failing to recognize the why

We held a family meeting
Just between your Dad and me
And we realized that the words
"I love you" Even for us
Was becoming times fewer
And further between

From that day on
"I love you"
Was said with the closing of each door
No matter if the day had been trying
Someone said "I Love you more"

Here we are in the today
And you have children of your own
"Joesph, Solace, Chris,
"I love you"
Is felt within your home

Kenneth and his family
Are the same as we
No lack are there of "I love yous"
In this family tree

Of all the lessons you have taught me
In the time that has been our own
Is to not to let a day go by
Without "I love you"
Being heard in our homes

Just before I say goodnight
I place a picture that is of you so true
The daughter's face that taught her family
The importance of spoken words of

"I Love You"

Happy Valentines Day Kimberly
We all love you

Aspiring Angel
February 2010





© 2010 Aspiring Angel

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Oh and Happy Valentines Day Kimmie
Auntie ღ D ღ

Posted 8 Years Ago

Oh my sweet friend after reading this last nite I had to wait
until today to comment and did not dare re-read before I left
my comments on this most magnificent write, but will read
again before I leave... Welcome back my precious Aspiring
been gone way to long...

It is amazing what we learn from our children. Actually it is
the most important lessons in life they give to us. Any parent
that says they have learned nothing has not listened to the
words our children do not speak. Funny how most of our
conversations on the phone center around our children
What exciting lives we have... Giggle... but if we think about
it what in life can be more exciting than our children and
grandchildren? Watching those extensions of who we are
grow and thrive in to better people than we could ever hope
to be... I like you are so very proud of my children (like that
is news to you Giggle) I have one advantage over you I have
atleast met this incredible (a bit on the quirky side) beautiful
young woman you speak of and have grown to love her dearly
she (like it or not) Will always be my Kimmie. I not as much as you
but have watched her blossom especially over the past year from a shrouded
tightly cosed rose bud now into a sweetly beautiful rose strong
yet still very delicate...

Sweetie this so deeply touched my heart. because I know all three
of you and love you all sooooo dearly. I think Aspiring has woke up
but she has changed... much more intouch with real feelings not garded
ones but REAL ones this time... Dont constrain her any more... Let her
soar ... Let her speak...

I love you Girlie Girl
Hugs and Kisses
ღ KKD ღ

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Aspiring Angel
Aspiring Angel

Reno, NV

I am so glad That you have dropped in To meet a new face And experience a new heart Come along with me as Aspiring Angel speaks to Me in whispers that brings Her thoughts to live.. more..