The  Story Behind The Song

The Story Behind The Song

A Poem by Aspiring Angel


For anyone who does not know this song or the story behind the lyrics
of "Oh Danny Boy" here it is;

There are at least two versions of the story behind this song.

Here is the first:

Once, a long time ago there was an old man who had raised many sons
who he loved dearly. A war raged over the land that they lived in and
one by one he saw each of them go off to fight and not return.

Then one day, as harvest time drew near, he knew that his youngest,
and most precious, son would soon be going off to fight just as his
brothers before him. The old man was sad and knew that he may never see
his last boy alive. He looked intently at the young lad,
and with tears in his eyes he sang this song.

Here is the second:

The song is said to be based on a happening which occurred centuries ago
when Ireland was divided into small serfdoms or kingdoms which warred among

In those days a king would really lead his troops into war.
According to the story, an old king lay dying when a battle was about to begin.
He called his son Daniel to his bedside and explained that now, for the first time;
the son must lead the army to battle. This song celebrates the words of the king to his son.
Above written by Jimmy Brousseau

There was also a version, that I found explained,
that it was their belief, that 'Danny Boy'
was written simply from a Mother, to her Son.
She knowing, that most likely,
she would not see him again, in her lifetime.

It is this last explanation, that I myself see,
in the vision of the song.


I know .. I know, you had to find your place,
and that footsteps to home, would be long in coming.
You had to do, what you knew was right for you.

I bare you no resentment my son.
In fact I am very proud of you.

Above me you now stand,
so that we may say. our last
earthly goodbye's.

Thank you for coming Danny.
There is now a way to again tell you
how much I love you ... one more time
to sing to you softly.

And now my son, a whole new world awaits you
As a whole new world awaits me.

Goodbye just for now, my Danny Boy.
I will listen for your calling.

Think of me in the sunset of each evening.
I'll be within the sunlight in your day.
And you, my dearest son,
I will always watch over and love.

Your 'I Love You' a soft blanket
that surrounds me in warmth
as I slumber.

Peace be with you my Son.

I will hug you again when
your life's journey is through.

Aspiring Angel
February ~ 2010

© 2010 Aspiring Angel

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I heard another one. The words were found in a cottage that an old Scot who was moved to Ireland had lived in. One thing I do know. This song and bagpipes shiver me

Posted 8 Years Ago

Sugar this so beautiful. Deeply touching and while I know it
to be your muse it rings true to life. The reflection from your
beautiful heart has deeply touched my this morning.
I loved it.... More More. Giggle
Hugs and Love U Bunches

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on February 13, 2010
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Aspiring Angel
Aspiring Angel

Reno, NV

I am so glad That you have dropped in To meet a new face And experience a new heart Come along with me as Aspiring Angel speaks to Me in whispers that brings Her thoughts to live.. more..