Good Things Prevail

Good Things Prevail

A Story by Autumn

A man's fiance cheats on him and blames him for the infidelity, so he storms out only to run into a woman who makes the day not seem so bad.


“I have nothing to apologize for.”

“What is that supposed to me?! You have everything to apologize for!” he screamed.

She crossed her tan, slender arms over her chest. “No, I don’t. You knew exactly what you were getting into when we first started dating.”

The man scoffed. “What? You mean I was supposed to be prepared for the only woman I absolutely love and adore be f*****g another man who happens to be my brother of all people? I should’ve expected it in my bed too? F**k that!”

“Baby, you of all people should know that you can’t make a w***e an honest woman.” She tried to gently touch his bicep with her hand. 

"I'm not your 'baby'."


He slapped away her hand and stepped back. “Don’t you ever call me that again! Better yet, don’t even come near me!” He stomped further away from her and grabbed the keys to his car. “Don’t you dare follow me!” he yelled before slamming the apartment door shut.

As he stomped out of the apartment building, he accidentally collided into a woman who was carrying bags of groceries. “Oh s**t! I’m sorry!” he apologized. He immediately bent down to help gather the spilled contents of the bags.

“It’s okay!” the woman exclaimed as she helped him. “It was just an accident plus I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.”

The man finally looked up at her. Her simplistic beauty took his breath away. She had long blonde hair with numerous blue pastel streaks throughout it. Her emerald eyes had a pair of glasses with black frames perched on her nose. Her skin was nearly a ghostly white with a few freckles splashed onto her nose and cheeks. He was speechless as he robotically handed her the groceries.

“Um, thanks for the help,” she said as she was standing up.

He quickly regained his composure as she began to walk away. “Hey, can I help you carry your bags to your apartment?”

She smiled. “If you want to.” She handed him a couple of bags. “Thank you again. My name is Alana by the way.”

“I’m Joe.” He smiled down at her as they walked into the building.

“Nice to meet you. What floor do you live on if you don’t mind me asking?”

“The pleasure is all mine and the fourth.”

Alana nodded. “Cool, I’m on top of you then.” After noticing the perplexed complexion on Joe’s face, she rephrased, “I mean I live on the fifth floor.”

The pair walked up the flight of stairs side by side. “Um, if you don’t mind me saying, you appeared to be extremely sad when I accidentally bumped into you,” Alana shyly asked.

Joe softly coughed. “Yeah I was and still kind of am to be honest.”

“Aw, that sucks. I’m sorry. Do you want to talk about it?” Alana asked, full of sincere concern.

Joe shook his head. “No thanks. I think I’m good for now. Thank you for the offer thought. You seem like an extremely kind person.”

They reached the door to the woman’s apartment. She skillfully opened the door while still holding the bags of groceries. “You can follow me inside with those.”

Joe did as she said, kicking the door closed behind him. He followed her into the white kitchen and set the groceries onto the counter.

“Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help. Can I get you anything, like a drink or a snack? You can stay here if you want, but it’s okay if you leave too,” Alana asked while looking down at her beat up black sneakers.

Joe could not keep himself from saying yes. “Of course I can stay for at least a few minutes.”

Alana smiled up at him. “Really? You don’t need to feel like you have to because I asked.”

Joe returned the smile. “I honestly want to stay.”

Her smile grew a little bit bigger. “Great! What would you like to drink? I have bottles of water, tea, lemonade, and beer if you want.”

“Beer please even though it’s a little early for it.”

Alana handed him the brown, glass bottle. She laughed. “I personally don’t care what time it is when I drink. If I need or want one, I’m going to drink.”


“No problem,” she replied as she jumped onto the counter before opening her bottle. She scooted over some and patted the spot beside her. “Do you want to sit? I can grab you a chair but you’re welcome to the counter.”

Joe walked over to her with the beer in hand. He leaned against the counter next to Alana, still standing a bit over her but not at drastically as before.

Alana smiled at him. “You can sit up here too. It’s not like it is going to collapse under our weight,” she joked.

Joe grinned at her. “Thanks for the offer but I’m fine with standing.”

Alana scrunched her nose but with a smile. “Yeah, I like it this way too. You don’t seem like a giant when I sit here.”

“I’m not that tall,” Joe chuckled.

“Dude, you have to be at least 6’7”, if not more. Meanwhile, I barely reach 5’4”,” Alana complained.

“I’m only 6’6”,” Joe corrected.

“I was only one inch off so I still win.” She stuck her tongue out at him. “I’m still short as hell compared to you though.”

Joe laughed. “I can’t argue with that.”

“Because I’m right,” Alana said as she playfully poked him in the chest. She hopped off the counter and walked into the living room, holding a beer in her hand with Joe on her heels.

“Why are we going in here?” Joe wondered aloud.

“Because I have to show you something that will make you laugh your a*s off,” Alana answered as she strolled over to the coffee table to set her beer down. “Feel free to take a seat on the couch while I get this ready for us to watch.”

Joe sat down on the couch on the farthest left side, closest to the kitchen. “What are we going to watch?”

Alana giggled. “Something that is going to make you laugh your a*s off.” She stood up from her crouching position and grabbed her beer before sitting next to Joe on her couch.

“Are you going to tell what is it exactly?”

Alana smirked. “You’ll see in a minute. Just be patient while it rewinds a little bit.”

“So we are going to watch a VHS tape?”

“This was made when I was like four so of course it is.”

“How old are you then?”

“Not important. Just watch this damn video and take a wild guess who is in it.”

The television screen came on with what appeared to be a four-year-old underneath enormously poofy hair who was wobbling out onto the stage.

Joe chuckled. “That poor child looks like she’s about to fall over because of the weight of her hair!”

Alana giggled. “The wobbled isn’t only because of her hair. It’s also because of the heels she is wearing.”

“How in the hell can you tell?” Joe asked as he leaned forward and squinted at the television.

Alana laughed as she leaned up to grab the remote. She fast-forwarded the tape until the little girl reappeared but now her hair was tamed into a bun on the top of her head and she was already wearing a pink leotard and a black tutu.

“The best part is coming up,” Alana whispered to Joe.

The little girl began to dance gracefully, but after about five minutes, she unfortunately tripped and fell. Then a huge woman got out of her seat from within the audience and began to yell at the little girl, viciously calling her a disgrace. The screen shook a little as the person holding the camera hands it to someone else before running onto the stage. He attempted to pick the girl up, but the woman shoved the man away from the girl. The man shoved her back, accidentally causing her to fall off the large stage and onto a table beside it, breaking the table in half. The screen suddenly turned to black directly after the man picked up the girl and walked off the stage.

Alana was rolling around in laughter due to the lady falling off the stage. She slowly sat up as she wiped the tears from her eyes. “I’m so glad my dad divorced that b***h immediately after she pulled that s**t.”

“Wait, that little girl is you?”

Alana nodded as she stood up and stretched. She took a sip of her beer before asking, “Do you want something to eat for dinner if you want to stay any longer? I’m buying.”

Joe shrugged. “Sure. I don’t have anything better to do anyway. Is there any time I should leave?”

Alana laughed. “You can stay as long as you like. I thoroughly enjoy your company. You can even claim the couch for a few nights if you want. I’ll just disregard the fact that you are only a floor below me,” she joked.

Joe smiled, sincerely happy that there was some escape besides a cheap motel. “I think I will, if you truly don’t mind that is.” 

© 2018 Autumn

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Happy accidents.from rage to infatuation in a few minutes.that's what life can do to you.great story.nice job

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

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