The Richest Man

The Richest Man

A Story by Avinash

“Bring the business from anywhere, ask your families  ,friends ..anyone ,keeping a sad face won’t do . By the evening if you are unable to do need not come to the office tomorrow.”.Mr. Sharma retorted as hard as he could .

All leads were exhausted, people love talking to a girl who sounds nice over the phone but definitely not the guy she sends to make a hole in their pocket when recession is at its peak.

Like always he was clueless on what he should do next ,as he rarely relied on his judgment. He asks Rina, a tele-caller” Hey , have you got any promising lead? ‘’ she is the only one who does not seem  to be in trance while working.

“there is one quite far from here, but he did talk good and seems like he is an owner of a battery unit”, her job is done.

He boarded the bus to the address provided by her, like always he will go standing ,least caring about the shirt gifted to him by one of his NRI relatives. After one and a half hour journey he reaches  last stop and from there he has to take an auto on a dusty ,dry road going in a direction to nowhere.

He asks for a smoke from the corner shop at the place mentioned and lights it up. It dries his throat further in this summer afternoon.

He asks for the direction to the battery construction plant in that area. The shopkeeper is unable to answer but a small boy takes him to a battery shop.

It hardly looks like a battery construction unit. “Excuse me, is there anyone called  Riyaz in this shop”?he asks to someone who is wearing a torn off banyan and striped pyjama with black stains all over it.

“I am Riyaz”.but looking at my cloths he says”  Maalik would come sometime later..what  business you have’’? This did not happen for the first time with him . Earlier too he was sent on leads where he had to meet some extremely reluctant clients and most of the times who never turned up after having titillating talks with telecallers. But this was a hopeless case ,that too after traveling for 2 hours in this ruthless summer afternoon.”Nothing ..” he gasps air and says loosening the knots of his tie and looking at the broken battery parts.”I told Mam on phone, that I am not in a condition to invest right  now, but she said that she will send someone to let me know the benefits of the products, I did not know if anyone would really turn up”.

“Its okay” he says …”when is the next bus from here to the city?”…

“It is After 4 ….but why do you want to go back under such a scorching afternoon sun, did you have your lunch?”..He never had much trouble in lying but this time he was struggling for words…”why don’t  you wait until sun goes down and have lunch with me..?’’ he had never witnessed such hospitality from any of his previous clients, not even those who knew him through good contacts and worked for companies like Microsoft, Barclays ,Google or were seemingly well established businessmen.

“Please allow me 15 mins , I will be back after praying”. He disappears in the back side of the shop which looked like a garage”. When he came back, there was smile on his face and a tiffin in his hand..”My wife has made this biryani from whatever she could gather at home.”He puts half of it into a plate and offers it to him..the taste is better  than anything he ever had.

“I would sure have liked to invest with you but as my father has disowned me for marrying a girl of my choice, I hardly have any money in my hand. Do leave your card with me, as soon as I save some money I will call you and invest.”

His hands stopped in air after listening to it as he knew that the market is nose-diving further with each passing day. Many big companies are declaring themselves bankrupt and filing for bailouts and for a person like him , if he invests into shares, it would be no less than suicide .

After they were done with the  lunch,Riyaz asked him to take a nap on the nearby cot until its evening and he got back to his work.

He lied down for a while but could not get sleep. In his eyes Riyaz was the happiest man he had met in a long time and for that he did not need have to have money ….he was already the richest.

He  took out a  blank paper from file inside the bag and started writing the first resignation later of his life.

© 2013 Avinash

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You have such insight to the world...your stories can educate and will be remembered ♥

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

They compelled me to share them..they had to come out.
How did I miss this write! Very liberating and driving home some amazing truths of life effortlessly. Enjoyed much Avinash!

Posted 4 Years Ago

nice story, happiness is in heart and the place where your soul is being sucked cannot make you happy ever.

best wishes

Posted 4 Years Ago

Resignation letter of his life ? I don't understand. Is he depressed ?
I think this needs another chapter as the story is detailed.

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

He's not resigning because he's depressed, but because he's happy.

4 Years Ago

He did not like the job he was doing but lacked the courage until he met this man who had left every.. read more

4 Years Ago

Oh ... I definitely misread that. I saw, "resignation letter of his life," not, "resignation LATER o.. read more
A lot of moral lessons to bwe learned about money , happiness and sharing...Thank you for penning this wonderful write...:)

Posted 4 Years Ago

Very nice...a man so ich in blessings that he can afford to be generous, even though he has no money.

Posted 4 Years Ago

And the moral of the story is ..' Money cannot buy you happiness ' !

A most pleasant, comforting read my friend !

Posted 4 Years Ago

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