Black Dog

Black Dog

A Story by Avinash

It was a dark night

It was a dark night. I could barely see my hands while riding a bicycle. But I was foolishly confident of the road leading to the shady house amidst a marshy land, where I lived. Like often, there was no electricity in the town manifested by criminals and mosquitoes. 
I was lost in my own thoughts and I was about to reach home. There was a slope just before the entry gate which I had calculated. What I did not was a whimper, I felt something came under my wheels. But I did not give it much thought.
                                                                                                          Something earlier in the day had already deeply disturbed me and I was trying hard not to think about it. Since there was no light at house, I decided to sleep without eating anything. But It remained elusive.
It was not just hunger which kept me awake but also the crying of a dog all night long. I did manage to fall asleep at last when tiredness defeated the outside noise.

In the morning a neighbor stopped me while I was going to pick up newspaper. "You know none of us could sleep last night because of the dog's cry. Its baby was killed by some passing vehicle, who says animals do not have feelings?" I stepped ahead with heavy legs and saw the lifeless body of an adorable black puppy. I had killed it.
Someone had already contacted the municipality and they soon removed the body. But the mother had her eyes soaked in tears and it looked in my direction like it knew, I am the one. I could not stay there for long and walked away but not from this incident which happened some 15 years ago.
Karma has a strange way of coming back to you. Despite sharing a very strong bond with my mother, soon after this incident I was separated from her. Our relationship never became normal. We met only on a few occasions and  later she passed away without knowing or sharing any of my  achievements, happiness, failures or pain. But it all makes sense now in some strange way I can not explain. 
Still I can not erase the mark of separating a mother from its child from my psyche. Probably, I would adopt a dog which would be black and would look exactly like that one. I would look after it and will see it grow. If I could make and keep him happy, may be that would be my personal redemption to some extent. 

© 2017 Avinash

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Such an emotional story. But some things happen beyond our control..

Posted 9 Months Ago


9 Months Ago

Thank You Swetha
My heart aches. This is so emotional and honest, raw and real. Sometimes when we carry a burden like this, the best thing is to actually write it out and gain some perspective. That you see the Mother bond breaking maybe by karma due to the dog incident is a heavy thing to read and upsetting but your rationale is sharp and thoughtful and intelligent and that is not something just anyone would piece together. I can't say if it was karma for sure as I am doubtful on karma myself of late, all I can say is, you are such a beautiful man and this whole series of happenings was also based on circumstances beyond one's control, one shouldn't forget that, like it being dark etc. There are valuable lessons to learn within pain, I think though so much so such a visceral series of events as here can only make a human humble and appreciate life more. In some ways, there is closure here also. Heart wrenching story and one that shall remain with in my mind for days to come, I felt every emotion and wave of sorrow and that is the gift of writing, to be able to express life within words ♥

Posted 1 Year Ago


9 Months Ago

Thank you beautiful soul.

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Added on April 21, 2017
Last Updated on April 23, 2017
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