Some days

Some days

A Poem by beauitifulybroken

This is a very honest and real poem of depression and it's struggles. It's not happy or easy.

On days like this it’s hard to get out of bed
Hard to get out of my own head
Instead I’ll stay but just for one minute
Next thing I know it’s been 3 hours and I feel like I can’t move
So I’ll stay
All day
In this bed
And maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to get out of my head
But today I’ll give in to this sinking feeling of dread
I’ll try my hardest to muster up the courage to do the mundane things
But in the end the depression always seems to win
Why do I bother or even try when I’ll just be pulled back down
In to the sweet comfort of my bedroom
I’ll miss all the wonderful things in life
But right now I can’t see it
Can’t feel it
Can’t care about it
Because I’m numb
I’m so done
With not being able to face it
Instead I’ll give in
And sleep all day long
But maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to get up
Without my hair matted and a real smile on my face
Without a trace of sadness
Or maybe it’ll be another day like today
Where I try but can’t defeat it
And sleep all day
Keep saying I’ll do it another way
But I'll just stay
In my bed

© 2017 beauitifulybroken

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Added on September 4, 2017
Last Updated on September 4, 2017
Tags: Sadness, depression, lonely, heartache, numb



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