Forbidden Lodge

Forbidden Lodge

A Story by Bernard Tisman

about a support home








Once upon a time there stood a support home where loads of rooms were out of bounds, even the front street door.
This means that the front door where you came in was from now on to be made available to staff only.
This meant that residents had to get into their flats by climbing in through the windows of their homes from the outside.
If on the ground floor you could use a window door key to open either your bedroom window or your living room window, but if you lived upstairs you had to scale the brick wall and climb onto a narrow ledge, but had to be careful whilst opening your window whilst standing on a narrow ledge or you could fall off the ledge and down to the ground.

Many residents didn't like the staff because they had a proper street door to get into the support home where they worked, whilst the residents had to climb in through the windows of their flats from the outside compound and car park order in order to get into their own homes.

This wasn't the only malady, for residents weren't allowed to get into the main part of the support home, which included the corridors, the dining room, kitchen and garden, plus other areas of the support home as they were for staff only.

Residents couldn't even enter their own homes through the front door on their flats which opened out into the corridor, as staff only were allowed to use the front door in order to enter the resident's home.

The front door of the tenants flat was out of bounds to the tenant himself or herself as only staff could use it to enter and leave the flat.

To remedy the situation of the residents having to enter their flats through the windows it was decided to install proper street doors for each flat, and for the upstairs flats, a balcony, to save the upstairs residents the ordeal of having to scale the wall and climb onto a narrow ledge in order to get into their flats by climbing in through the windows from the outside of the building.

Once street doors were installed, one for each flat, residents were able to enter their homes without having to climb in through the window from the outside.

© 2014 Bernard Tisman

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Added on July 25, 2014
Last Updated on July 25, 2014


Bernard Tisman
Bernard Tisman

greater london, redbridge, United Kingdom