A Story by Bhavya Kaushik

Because people like me don't get a happy ending. We just get an eternal middle.


It’s strange how this world works sometimes. It’s bizarre how you meet someone, a stranger - and after a couple of months, that same person becomes the most significant part of your life. People, I believe, are the worst drugs of all. You cannot live without them, knowing that somewhere, they would be with someone else, sleeping in someone else’s bed, when they should have been with you. And that thought, that thought makes your bones wither into nothingness. It makes you rip your heart out of your chest. It makes you die.

And I have died �" so many times now, that I can’t even remember.

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I would start walking. I would see the lampshades and the monochromatic lights, reflected by those haunted skyscrapers. The places where we went together, happily �" where we made more than just memories. And then, all of a sudden, a giant 16 wheeled truck of memories would crash into me and I die.

I die.

Sometimes, I would go out with family to a nice restaurant and they all would hug me and let me know how much they love me. “I love you,” they would say sequentially like a choir. And that makes my heart skip a beat, because in their words, I could hear a reflection of your voice, your ice green eyes, screaming the same. Which makes me wonder how can I ever explain someone the colour of your eyes. Someone who has only lived in a world of black and white. Which makes my neurons burn with heart burst. And I die �" one more time.

I die, every time I cross the pavements alone. Every time, I hear our song on the radio.

I die, every time I go to the movies and see a happy couple. Every time I wear your favourite cologne.

I die, every morning when I wake up. And every night, before I go to sleep and turn off the lights.

I die, several times a day. So many times that I have lost the count now.

It seems like I’m just too much of a catastrophe for anyone to stay around for too long. It seems like I’m the creator of my own Armageddon.  Your name is imprinted on my tongue; I can’t speak it aloud but God! I’ll never forget it… and all I can wonder is if every girl after you can taste your name too.

You should’ve left me sooner. Why the hell did you leave when I needed you the most?

Without you, I feel completely shattered. Broken with every inch of my skin, every cell of my being. And all I need is one piece �" that one little piece from someone that will fit the hole, which prevails in my heart.

I wasn’t expecting this to hurt �" not so much atleast, I wasn’t expecting it to break my heart and leave me paralyzed in my bed. I never expected YOU to break my heart. I wasn’t prepared for it. You hit me like a tornado, a tsunami, a volcanic eruption, a supernova, and everything �" all at once. I wasn’t expecting to feel these warm tears streaming down my face. But it did, and here I’ m. I’m heartbroken.

© 2014 Bhavya Kaushik

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I don't know why , my hyphen (-) got replaced with a double quote (") in this post :(

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Bhavya Kaushik
Bhavya Kaushik


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