A Poem by Bhavya Kaushik

† Pygmalion*†

(*Pygmalion was a Greek sculptor who made an ivory statue representing his ideal of womanhood and then fell in love with his own creation, which he named Galatea; He used to think about Galatea every single moment of his life, for what will happen if she will ever turn alive.)

I’m running into circles all around you,

Never knew that reaching you would be so hard.

But I’m not giving up to it so easily now,

I’m trying it one more time right from the start.

I know a day will come when I will see you alive,

When I will tell you how beautiful you are.

When all the walls and barriers will vanish,

And you would be here with me, not so much far.

You are so perfect and totally untouched,

Not merely a superlatively crafted ivory sculpture.

Whereas I’m just your another admirer,

With your image in my heart which is half ruptured

© 2010 Bhavya Kaushik

Author's Note

Bhavya Kaushik
Pygmalion has always been a play which always fascinated me, so I guess writing something about it, is very obvious. This poem is basically a part of a collection of my poems on which I was working a while back...

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Galatea has always captured my imagination as Pygmalion did yours~ for me the dream scape musings centered around her~ what if she were to become blood and flesh~ would he view her anymore as pure~ or would the mere fact of her beating heart pumping bood through her body turn him off~ and would she be resentful~ would she become steel . . . . I wrote a poem round about this back at University for eng. lit.~ I still have it in my wooden chest~ I'll have to dig it out~
anyhow~ fascinating poem around a fascinating tale~ engaging and one to stir the imagination~

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Posted 8 Years Ago

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WOW this is amazing!, I like this write alot. I can really feel the
emotion in this. Very well written.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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It's always good to write about what you love because then it will turn out for the best. I thought this was well written and it got me interested in the story. I want to know more about it now!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Bhavya Kaushik
Bhavya Kaushik


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