The Delusion behind the Mirror

The Delusion behind the Mirror

A Poem by Max Payne

Not always we can live with what we are..Time creates,time enlightens and time demolishes..No one has ever led a clean life,the verses of a man in realisations of his precious fortunes lost in time..


Starting on with a pen and a scrap of paper
Words hard to come by...well I am no scholar..
So pardon me today my friends who I have disappointed
I took so many favours from all but few got returned...


Reality could seldom be kept in a shadow,
This maze of life left me no other path to follow..
Pain and pleasure are always there to distract you from your goal,
Better live a devil than a sermon down in the depth of this hole...


Hope is only a fuel to keep the drowning buy some more time,
Why do poets have to break their hearts to make their verses rhyme?
How could I false my noble subjects with deceit and depart,
When thy est destined to fall into the same hole from where he start...


No river can be so blessed to having not cried less than a million times,
Hence!How can I feel so depressed?I can never cry more if not less..
Now I believe that no innocence can purge out this deluded dream,
The path of blood to seek life has been reduced to a parasitic stream...


There is no soul ever born to have deserved a love so kind and true,
God!What have I done wrong to have won it all but still feels due..
Preservation of thou trust was once so much more significant to me,
Till I found what I hath brought upon was nothing but misery for thee...


So here I am walking lonely in the sidewalks of Manhattan suburbs,
I get to hear the sweet sounds of children playing in their whiteness..
Sounds so oddly familiar that I recalled even once I was a child who could smile to a mime,
Now it all seems lost in a gage of smoke brought upon so cruel a dimension called time..


Apparitions tend to follow you everywhere till the flame of luminance extinguishes,
Seems it took too long to realise darkness was the only one to rekindle my soulfullness..
Suddenly life makes so much more sense::there is no need of a light at the end of the tunnel;
there is no need of an angel to wake you up from the cursed nightmares into the sanctifying nirvana;
there is no need of a love so undeserving that it always makes you feel hollow;
and there is no need of a heaven:an empty promising cliche following after one hell of a life to reach you there...


At last!The savour to the flavour must die,the ink to this pen must dry,
We all have had our moments in life,my tragedy was I never knew when I passed each one by...
Hence!'tis late and I must bid farewell and my sincere wellwishes for I have no other treasures to offer thee any,
So here I am standing in front of the mirror smiling and telling myself,the b*****d deluded 'em all but this glass was one too many...


© 2012 Max Payne

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Added on January 30, 2011
Last Updated on January 24, 2012
Tags: self-reflection, grief, delusion, nostalgic, melancholic


Max Payne
Max Payne

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

I'm just someone who always maintains a shadow of greater dimension than his actual self... more..