Road Signs

Road Signs

A Poem by Hurry

Road Signs


10:18 in the evening, the caliginous night - blinding

The headlights, the street lamps, and the stars

Are all wonderful, but my eyes stay on the road.


10:20, my eyes stay on the road yet somehow woozy

The sign says, "You will be alright", my eyes blink

They blink quite slow. Still, my eyes stay on the road.


10:22, familiar to the road, the sign says, "Doesn't look good"

For some reason, my headlights are the only thing I see.

My eyes blink quite fast now, they both still stay on the road.


10:25, all was dark. I knew I was tired yet for some reason,

The sign says, "10:25, We didn't' make it". Well that's strange?

The darkness lead me to the stars, they quietly bring me home.


10:29, still dark, the signs are not so visible, they are hazy

 "These road signs decide the way, the stars takes me home"

Does this mean I'm already home? Does this mean I'm back?


10:30 in the evening, she passed away. A hand to the sky,

Her last words: "The eyes of the stars are blinding me

But I know I'm home. I hope you will be alright, my love."


My love, you have begun this exodus and with me, it will end

You are the author of this poem, you give it life - élan vital

But a poem can't go on forever. My love, I will be alright.


© 2017 Hurry

Author's Note

I dont know how to explain it but atleast try to understand it. i had a blast in making this! I accept criticism! THANKS!

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Added on February 10, 2017
Last Updated on August 27, 2017




I'm truly very grateful. And i always will be. more..

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