Gigi and the high ranking official..2nd version

Gigi and the high ranking official..2nd version

A Screenplay by bluessadmood

Gigi a belly one could ever shake belly and hips


Gigi was happy and content with herself. It was one of those nights when she gave the best performance she ever dreamed. Long hours of dancing, like whole night but She was in such a mood, she was at her best. Shouts and applause went on for so long after she finished chest heaving hardly catching her breath all sweat, she still could hear them shouting her name.                                                                Suddenly ,two men burst into her room, one fatty bald ,bizarre looking and gigantic in stature, the other was lean ,neat and looked like those clever types, Gigi could tell a lot about men(so many forced in her life) just looking them in their eyes                              Gigi went mad “what the hell, “she said... “Nobody is allowed in here, she yelled.  Here the gigantic man said in hoarse voice”Madame,we just wanted to ask you to come with us, you are summoned by our boss, he is a high ranking officer, he wants you to go to his place.                                                                                                       It was here when Gigi got real mad, she said, “I don't care if he was your president himself.                                                                                                                                      Now it was the neat man who spoke, “Now ,listen dear, perhaps my friend did not put it well, my boss is a good man, I happened to see you dancing, so I told him about you, he cannot come here as you know, so he asked me if you kindly accept to do a performance at his place. Gigi smiled, “so you are his pimp, yes? She said. She could see he was really hurt, Gigi could feel it, and he certainly had some manners. Madame, he replied, “he will pay you good, just for a dance, he said.                                     OK, Gigi said, “you will pay me 5 times what I earn in a whole day. Less than an hour Gigi got there. She was ushered into a big saloon, in a few minutes, he showed and my God he was young and nice looking. So he kissed her hands, said he was honored by her paying him a visit. She cut him short, she did not even say hello, and said “where can I change my clothes, he showed her where, and she went in…She was in a naughty mood, so she thought she would wear her very special outfit, she rarely put it on for it will sure send men on fire even without dancing, and she was determined to use those moves she rarely do, for if she did she will drive men real crazy. She put a special makeup to add to the scene, to make it very heated, I did not know why I am doing it, she thought, but she felt so high, happy and elated. She looked into the mirror, I am in my best shape, she thought, my dancing outfit, and I looked as if I am naked b***h... So she got out of the room and back to the hall where she left him.                                                                                                As she entered, he looked at her, eyes fixed on her, and he almost lost his way with words. She just stood there for a while to let him take a long and good look at her, and then advanced slowly to him, he was seated in a chair, she slipped out of her shoes, lifted her leg up and put it in his lap, looked straight into his eyes, with a very determined look and said, “Kiss my feet... He was appalled, did not know what to say, at last he made it look like it was some sort of a cult they are doing and enjoying ourselves, so he went to kiss it, here she stopped him. No, “she said, not like this silly, rise from your seat, and on your knees, and here she smiled slyly, never gave him the idea that she wanted to humiliate him, but she was sure he knew it. So he knelt down and kissed her feet which she placed on a low chair, then she said, as if she was in a strange mood and giving him pleasure, then she told him to lick her leg, “up to my knee, she said, “but that's all you can go, she said it in a voice now, so determined. I must say here’, she thought , my dancing dress was so highly cut at the sides that when I lift my leg he can get a look high up my thighs, and he will see everything, off course I was with no underwear.                                         So by this time he even lost his voice, eyes and face became so red, but again he was so stupid he took it in a wrong way, he said “Gigi I would like to have sex with you. She looked long into his face, and thought, ‘now I could see the real him, so she said, voice so calm steady and had a cutting edge, “I came here, as i said just to dance, dance and no more. He said he will triple the money he promised her. I still wore that sly smile and calm and even voice and said “NO. Now he showed me that ugly smile that I waited for long to see.     "You know”, He said, “I could easily take you to my room, he said it slowly, so sure of himself now, I could do whatever I liked, he said, and then throw you to the streets, this late of the night.                She smiled a little, then said in a mild voice, she made it sound shaky a little, said “yes you could, I could imagine myself ,she told him, lying almost naked in the street, looking for a taxi, she went on, and if I saw one the driver, he will compromise with me either to have his share of pleasure or leave me lying there, so having no choice but to yield to him and his desires, so he then will give me a lift ,to get home ,go to my room and cry myself till the morning. He smiled slyly, “yes, he said, I think that's what will happen, he was laughing now, slightly in a victorious tone. Then she said, “but there is another scenario, she went on, as early as the morning comes, I will go to a well-known newspaper, I have a good friend there, and tell him about the night I had with a big man in office, government, I know, I sure know, you will say who will believe me, I could see the sly smile again on his face. So here she came down on him again, she said, in the same calm ,very cold voice almost whispering, “they will not believe in me ,only ,she went on ,if I showed them the camera tape, the camera ,the teeny tiny one I usually fix in my dress, right here ,and she ushered at her lower abdomen right above her pubis, I usually put it there, she said, to see the reaction I leave on men while they see me dancing. Again I know what you are thinking, Gigi said, “that I could never leave this place alive with that film with me, I could see him following my words speechless, as the pros and cons kept changing all the time.                                                                          So she went on, “you know, she said, I always loved my life, I loved my dancing, I simply enjoy living, but if I had to die so be it, like if you want to take that film from me by force, you will have to kill me first, for I will scream until I awaken the whole neighborhood at this hour of the night. Now the sly look on his dirty face changed to a mellow complying even kind looks, and he said, “Come on you know I was just joking. Here she said, and she changed her voice too, to a very nice gentle tone “Off course she said but I do not feel like in the mood to dance today ,so give me my money ,I am tired, I changed my looks like someone who is really drained up. He said “sure whatever you say. So she turned to go back and change her clothes, when he said, “then you will not need the camera and film anymore. Here she turned back to him, now she was all nice and kind again, so she said ,”you see these films, tapes sometimes I watch to remember the good times ,like I had here, so do not worry she said, so this time he knew he could do nothing. Now when she saw that she was in control of everything, she showed her real sly looks, eyes became again so cruel, she said, “I am going to change, when I come back, I do not want to see you ugly face here, want to see the nice face of the driver, who will take me home, 5 minutes to change, 10 minutes the ride home.                                         At last she reached home, she opened her door, as she went in she threw her hand bag away and went into a fit of crazy laughter that seemed to last forever....

© 2017 bluessadmood

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Added on August 1, 2017
Last Updated on August 3, 2017
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The Music I like,the Carpenter,all their songs and albums,The Super Tramps,one of their songs ,reminds me of a girl who nearly broke my heart,still feel the pain ,no ,no i will not tell who ,I like.. more..

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