beautiful minds

beautiful minds

A Story by bluessadmood

oh those great writers


Wilson will say sex will widen our vision,sex will give us wider vision,to move around ,Nitsche and his superman,the superman will take us to frontiers,never reached before,but he reached insanity,Shaw.was my favourite,he did not touch these things directly but his work was full of deep insight into the human structure,his writings will widen our vision,so invading deep into our minds,he puts it in a theatrical way,but when we read between the lines,we will see what he means,Pirandello,will use crazy people as the ones who understood everything that is secret to us,they are the forerunners,we lay far behind,we laugh at them,but secretly they laugh at us,Pirandello had had a gigantic mind,those who we see as loonies have understood,its not that they gone wild,but it is their broader vision as we dont understand,it looks rediculous to us ,Dostoyvsky has almost followed , rather,he leads,this route(as he came much earlier than Pirandello),he thought breaking all laws to the ultimate,his heroes,his superman,,should skill,it would be very natural to him,he is (God),he do things we simple people can not do,once he is God ,he will have his own wild superior thinking,his hero in prison had a dream ,till now after writing it ,140 y ,it could not be explained by anyone,his hero breaking all laws,starving himself,very ematiated,thought he was not mad(all his friends thought so),but he thought his illness made him saw illusions, visions,but he was not strong,to take the big step to make the big leap,to be utterly free,to be the superman,he always sought,he then needed a prison,where he was sent to be confined in his own thoughts in Siberia,to stop his mind from streying and gearing up to frontiers  he feared to reach,Oneal in his Iceman Cometh,he tells us to sit aside and watch life,never touch it directly,or if we do and want to gamble with it, we will go nuts as his hero has gone...

© 2008 bluessadmood

Author's Note

my writings were taken ,here they are back

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Makes me want to go get the books out. My home is crammed with books but all to often I settle for light reading.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Wow! You too have a beautiful and well read mind!
I enjoyed this step back into the world of some of the
great writers! Suffice to say I have not read all of them,
to my shame, except a little Nitche and touched on Shaw.

Thank you for inspiring me to broaden my mind!

Kind regards

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on February 8, 2008
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The Music I like,the Carpenter,all their songs and albums,The Super Tramps,one of their songs ,reminds me of a girl who nearly broke my heart,still feel the pain ,no ,no i will not tell who ,I like.. more..

Writing.. Writing..

A Story by bluessadmood