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Ninth April,The Time We Were Declared A Free Country

Ninth April,The Time We Were Declared A Free Country

A Story by bluessadmood

A Comedy-Tragedy Story



April, 9th, i reached Jordan, flying from Yemen; I had been watching the news on the tele for the past few days...
And as I sat in my hotel room, I remembered family, mother and sister all alone...
I used to hear and see all that bombardments, all those shells I saw on tele,how nice they were
Better than any film I would have loved to see, I wondered if any left there to see, so I went to see
In Jordan, in my hotel...lying on bed i used to think, what if, what if...
Everyday I go to the foreign affairs they tell me no way to Iraq, all roads blocked. Its war
And I waited just a little more, it was tomorrow the first lights of day. A car will take me in
Four years been away. Just could not wait to see if anybody is left to see
So in I went, no customs on border, no police no nothing...
Only American soldier on border waived his hands...hello
Was so happy...i was on Iraqi lands, i saw loved ones and been home...
First few days, I saw peace not a shot was here...
But alas took no more than thirty days and it flared again
You can hear bombings and shelling every where
 And I asked what’s wrong we have been ok
They told me it’s a change of plans. Lots on the way...
I said which plans and who made them
And they told just sit back and enjoy the show
For its going to take too long. I was dazed
I it days or weaks
And they said months and years till eternity
And I laughed for inside me I knew it all the way
It’s never going to be sunshine and roses
But to get this dark I never thought, it will be this way
So I asked God if it’s not too much to ask
Dear God either make and end of it, or just take me away
I would love to be with you. This is too much burden I can’t bear no more
God just help ease this burdened soul, for I can not take any more

© 2017 bluessadmood

Author's Note

it what happened to me,and millions around me, on the ninth of April 2003..
I wrote this in the dark ,as usual we had no light,its wonderful writing on candle light

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In my opinion, the invasion of your nation on behalf of the western oil industry is the greatest war crime since the holocaust of world war two.
It was based on lies, the majority of citizens in my 'democratic' country, (england/britain) was opposed to it, but the b*****d politicians followed bush anyway. I'm currently following the Chilcot enquiry that is investigating the possibile illegalities of the occupation and, as expected, vital evidence is being witheld that would see Tony Blair and co charged with war crimes. It was based on the most ridiculous lie imaginable. I mean, if Iraq had WMD's I imagine they would have been used in retaliation to the carpet bombings of innocent people. There is no freedom in the west...unless you can afford it- I'm just sorry that the free spirited among us couldn't do enough to stop the atrocities.
This is just another case of poor killing poor on behalf of the rich elite...or maybe it's all a coincidence that Bush and Bin Laden families are heavily involved in oil industries and I'm just paranoid. As far as I'm concerned the whole thing was a set up from start, (9/11), to finish...(when the oil runs out).
This is an excellent write and I'd like to offer belated thanks for your review of my work., take care, spence

Posted 8 Years Ago

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So sad...I mean, this is true tragedy, and yet you are able to pen it with a sense of cleverness. I think you are perhaps one of the stronger people that I have had the pleasure of coming into contact with. I ghostwrote a book for a beautiful man from Afghanistan, and some of the stories that he told me were absolutely horrific, and yet he (like you) always told them with a tinge of clever humility and happiness. He once told me that in keeping his own heart light, he was in fact getting closer to spiritual and emotional freedom. Anyway, you remind me of him.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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4 Years Ago

thank you for that,and for the encouragement.
I like the way its uniquely set on the page and the way the emotions seem so fresh.. A reminder of the situation in which it was written.. Good job.
I feel for you, i feel for the the millions who have to go through the same.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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i don't know much about politics. but i do know that war is never ok. and i also know that this is a great write from u my friend.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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I basically cannot express what this write means to me and I presume all others who read it whilst not expriencing the actual history. I cannot address the politics, although I agree this war was criminal. I can only address my amazement at the sheer beauty of this writing. Beyond the subject matter which of course is important, there are so many other currents; of longing; of wistfulness; a love of country and people; a feelings that all who exprienced this time and place are the same what ever the persoanl circumstances. Really the most amazing write.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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it was the biggest lie of the 21st century..I have to agree with Spence..

Posted 6 Years Ago

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agony...agony..agony..You have walked through hell and back again...You delight us with another stunning write..

Posted 7 Years Ago

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ahh, my friend.. this is a searingly painful work. you have described this so well, i feel i, too, have known this.. though war on my own soil is entirely unknown to me and to any whom i have known growing up. i weep for your country, and for all countries where the citizens are innocent bystander casualties or worse, pawns, in games the cruel men deign to play..

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Your stories are so real that they make me shiver, I also get a feeling of gratitude for living in a country that doesn't limp! Your eyes and heart have seen and felt so much horror that I wonder how you cope.
Be well my friend xxxoooxxx


Posted 7 Years Ago

What a tribulation it all was, and still is. I am so sorry that you, or anyone would suffer so. Keep your hopes high, Blues.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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I can understand the pain and fear of this piece.
'It’s never going to be sunshine and roses' - this line has struck me so much. It's so sad, and the whole story encompasses around it.
Nice write, and let's hope things get better for the people living there, and for the people who live in fear and violence all around the world.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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