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How We See Life

How We See Life

A Story by bluessadmood

its very bizarre,if you are not into such good mood ,dont read please ,this is so experimental,and crazy a little..

how we see life
times when i make many strokes on my keyboard,it hits me to do different
i would like to hit keys at random,always i did hit to make lovely words
wonder if the keys were hit at random random ..lets make some un intelligable language
will it give some new meaning or a new life,new walks and road other
than this silly one,so i thought i will do it for the fun of it,i wrote a very long page
i tried to make something out of it ,any meaning,like words that may be close
to the ones we already known,or they may just hit a sound in mind of some new pictures
i am never that intellectual,but i loved the game ,went on to play
and by God it was beautiful,words with no meaning struck lots of thoughts
its like a strange story i never written the like of before..and was sunk for hours
to where it leads me..very strange ,ideas kept piling right in front of me
words were not words,they came as pictures and ideas,how indulging
its like a very long story written in a few words,as i said every word(meaningless)
by itself was like a long sentence or even a chapter of some very bizarre events
ha ha,how happy i felt like it was a very brand new game,never ending
i kept on writing this way till the early hours of a new day ..i was so sleepy
i hit dreams right away..even those were very strange ,still they were full of
very new lights not the same spectrum we knew,tiny lights led to faces and gestures
i never seen before,no i was not on drugs ,i never touch them,only my mind
was always what i saw in dreams that night..funny at morning
i felt like so new,like everything seen in a new was different
where would this lead me ,i had not a clue but i will go on with it and see
ha ha maybe one day i tell you how and what all ventured to happen
no i am not crazy ha ha ,only full of ideas from lots of readings i always done

© 2012 bluessadmood

Author's Note

i dont know if it means anything,if you dont like from the start please dont read

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This is definitely something different! I like that you’ve put onto paper a thought process and made it really creative and almost poetic. It’s a good read (:

Posted 6 Years Ago

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I like this! everything means something.

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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2 Reviews
Added on May 7, 2012
Last Updated on May 9, 2012




The Music I like,the Carpenter,all their songs and albums,The Super Tramps,one of their songs ,reminds me of a girl who nearly broke my heart,still feel the pain ,no ,no i will not tell who ,I like.. more..

Writing.. Writing..

A Story by bluessadmood