Hold of My Heartstrings

Hold of My Heartstrings

A Poem by Bonnie Paige

  That which is deeply the embodiment of my heart, my soul - has

Never-ending growth…

    Just the voice, or written words, the newest picture, only seasons the spaces in time.  Bringing up the glow of light, bringing up the sun that covers a rainy day, bringing up the warmth from the chill of the darkest of nights. You bring me back to life.

                                  But no well-wishers stand along this rocky road, no cheers for peaceful blessings or happiness everlasting! Yet it is what makes me happiest.

    Is this new!  in the romantic world of twists and turns - marked by centuries of many old and new.  We are not alone, there are multitudes who took the secrets of this road, unique cannot be claimed!

                                  Yet the question comes, WHY?    

    To the earth, I ask you back.  Should you not know more than I?     

    Be he pauper, farmer, milkman, mailman, richer, poorer or king of the skies. I falter never in my timeless wanting. Learning, harder one tries to turn and walk away - stronger the echoing needing wants to stay.

   Years have hidden our timeless secret - always fading into melodies that can never again be sung. Our shiny locks of the blackest night have turned silver and gray, as eternity continues to pass us by without a single sighting of our human forms.

    Once equal to all as peers the fading time has made them round and wide, lifeless are some,  bald are others, living without king or glory’s crown. Just the ordinary life, just ordinary people.

                 But not you! The spell of life most high still holds you tight, endless perfection yet to be found. Peter Pan still dangling at your feet.

    Time is fading fast in this secret world.  Locked away and hidden from brightly lit full moons.  My life fading faster having seen it way ahead of yours.

    Break!... it is you who must.  The continuous link of night and darkness, release my bonds to your touch, release my body to your hold, release my tears so they may be my voice in this secret love I’ve held over burning flames for you.     


© 2017 Bonnie Paige

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Bonnie Paige
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Thank you all for your reviews thank you Wordman for your help on the video, and thank you: Jacob Erin-Cilberto, Coyote Poetry, Chris and Mathew Kult. I have reached my goal and will probably only get to pop into this site once in awhile. Someone of you are really great writers I hope someone looking at your work takes the time to get you noticed in the professional world. Keep writing the world always needs stories and good poetry .

Posted 1 Year Ago

Thank you kiwi.jh. those are some great words of praise. I'm humbled.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Wow this is really great. The words flow out in such a fascinating and emotional way. You're a very talented writer.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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take it to heart, that you can only pull at the strings for just so long.

Posted 1 Year Ago

a secret love,the bliss of love hidden deep in your heart

Posted 1 Year Ago

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