Black Meringue

Black Meringue

A Poem by boobalajcushion

This is a poem I wrote during a night of intoxicated adolescence in 2012, while I was pondering away under the influence.


Black Meringue

I see diamond eyes in sapphire skies, black meringue of no design.
Rose canopies and fantasies, of amber mines and odysseys.. Make believe.
Do you recognise these alpine cries, of drunken acolytes who scrutinise? 
Oh how they traumatise the blinding night, with hostility and bad advice. 

© 2017 boobalajcushion

Author's Note

This is a poem I wrote (highly intoxicated on psychedelics and other substances) when I was really stuck in my head. It was a happy moment, but one surrounded by questions and a little doubt. Mostly curiosity at the way our present world works. To me, the words have a pretty simple meaning. But then again.. I wrote it, so they would! First line is just regarding the sky. People often contemplate life at night so it was just about the stars and the dark clouds. Something I find mysterious and beautiful, captivating. Then the second line was just to do with such beautiful things, and also history of the earth.. But more so the fact that times are changing and things are made to look more incredible than they really are - hence the "make believe" part. Then I'm just talking about how people talk willy nilly about life and give out all these expectations of how we should live our lives and how we are ridiculed if it's not to societies standards. It causes a lot of chaos and conflict in my eyes. The end line is just continuing with all of that, and how it all taints us as individuals and as one.

I'm no expert, I don't know the rules. I think they are meant to be bent in the creative world. I also think that the beautiful thing about poetry is about how one perceives the meaning, hidden or obvious. There was a purpose behind this, as with everything I write.

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Added on July 30, 2017
Last Updated on August 1, 2017
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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I'm a creative individual who typically starts something and wanders to the next project, leaving an unfinished trail of chaos behind myself. Hobbies in this area include literature, poetry, singing, .. more..