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Take from it what you will.



Everything is used up and I am empty, 

Like a shabby shack left for a century. 

An uncertain roof shrouds a vacant space,

Idle and drab, it's sort of a haggard place.

Inside you wont find a fireplace of embers,
Just dusty old coals of ifs, buts and faint remembrance. 
The discoloured carpet is threadbare and worn,

Embroidery faded and the heavy curtains torn. 

The lifeless eyes in aged photographs stare through the gloom, 
Reminding you of the tarnished memories in the room. 
Cobwebs tickle the door frames weakly gesturing for laughter,
But there is no humour in this dismal ever after. 

Rotten floorboards threaten with collapse,
And sorrowful souls lay decayed in traps.
A memoir of distant love grieves on the table - 
Wilting flowers from a time long ago are now frail. 

Shadows of doubt sweep across the lonely hall, 
And the cracked and stained windows are weeping from a storm. 
This fractured house is a home no more,
A desolate plain crippled to the core.

© 2017 boobalajcushion

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*knock knock* - are you home Miss Havisham?
Surely this must be her address or that of a similar poor person abandoned by love and laughter and life?

Posted 11 Months Ago

Tony Jordan

11 Months Ago

You were the one who did the excellent work ma'am. Thank you :)

11 Months Ago

Ah thank you! So lovely getting feedback as I've only recently had the confidence to start sharing t.. read more
Tony Jordan

11 Months Ago

typing in the dark here so dont take offence if I dont reply tonight to any (non-obligatory) comment.. read more
Excellent poem,, dripping with sorrow
and Loneliness.........
Nice work fellow poet

Posted 11 Months Ago

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Added on August 2, 2017
Last Updated on August 2, 2017
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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I'm a creative individual who typically starts something and wanders to the next project, leaving an unfinished trail of chaos behind myself. Hobbies in this area include literature, poetry, singing, .. more..