A Poem by boobalajcushion

A dramatic piece I will be performing at a Poetry Slam event (my first!). Read the notes below, a little poem about entwined hearts. PS I WON THE COMPETITION!


It starts off sweet like strawberry ice cream
Cosy nights in and smiles that beam. 
Enthralled by the company with love so rich
A thorn on a rose appears obscene.
But when lust dwindles and dust begins to settle
The lies come out & Black, the pot names the kettle.

You housed our love in a building weak
Structured our hearts in something bleak. 
You can't expect growth in this facade that you sow
For these buds cannot blossom in a field of deceit. 
You must say what you are and not what you aren't
You can't mimic someone's joys to get what you want. 

All will come out and be decisively met
This will break you eventually if you are not true to yourself.
Be an open book - easy to read
An ocean of desires and a plant ready to seed.

They say if you want to know how you'll be treated by a man
Take a look at his mother, his family and their habits if you can. 
Are they loving, are they open? 
Are they honest or with words unspoken? 
Do they laugh, do they cry together? 
Is the rope tied or is it severed? 

Emotions cause havoc when they go unnoticed
Were differences and difficulties attended to ever? 
Or were they left to fester, under a tab called "Call it Quits"
And the broken parts left in bits?

Quietly, quietly. We must move quietly.
For this temple houses chandeliers swinging fragilely
And sacred sculptures carved intricately.
There are glass windows stained with beauty 
And the once magnificent carpet is now dirty.

You traipsed through my halls and you left your filth
You grabbed my offering and you had it killed.


You were inside me.

My once holy walls are now tarnished
With carnage.

I gave you all of me and it wasn't enough
I had a paper heart and you scrunched it up. 
I have never felt so under appreciated
I have to admit that I feel defeated. 

And all of those times that I cried at night
But you just rolled over with a careless sigh. 
You hunt down girls with issues, as you are weak, I think
You savour their pain and it gives you strength.
Their anxieties fuel the control you crave
And you soak up their souls as you replenish and bathe. 

You never loved me, or anyone else. 
Perhaps the problem is, is that you don't even love yourself. 

© 2017 boobalajcushion

Author's Note

Love is an interesting thing, and we all do certain things we perhaps shouldn't in order to gain that safe little corner of life. One of those things may be that we often mirror people (their achievements, likes/dislikes, goals, life choices etc) which is all fine and dandy in the beginning, but eventually those thread ties come lose and reveal a whole new world, by which time it's too late to reverse it. Opens up a whole can of worms. When you truly love someone, you can work through anything, but you have to be willing to put in the effort and make positive adjustments to your behaviours and attitudes. One of the most important parts of a relationship it seems, is honesty and communication. They are difficult and sought after, and achievable with the right mindset.

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Thats a true and good read filled with emotions.......
Keep it up

Posted 11 Months Ago


11 Months Ago

Thank you. A little bitter, too! I've edited it and added more as I'm going to a poetry slam night s.. read more

11 Months Ago

It's taking me a little while to do things at the moment, but I wont forget :)

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I'm a creative individual who typically starts something and wanders to the next project, leaving an unfinished trail of chaos behind myself. Hobbies in this area include literature, poetry, singing, .. more..


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