Moral and Physical Decay

Moral and Physical Decay

A Story by Bruce

I have seen the struggle on many a face. The poor insufferable listless people that try to carry themselves with a bit of dignity but are utterly crushed in the melee that is life. The trees seem dead, all of them. My friend Janie thinks I'm crazy. 
She works at a lingerie store, and is a lesbian. I found out two Christmases ago when she brought her "friend" Katie to the family pig roast. We have been best friends ever since. 
Karl you must not get so bent out of shape over the smallest things. Janie was always upbeat. Katie was the opposite. Her father killed her mother, and then killed himself when she was six. She was subsequently put into foster care where she was physically and emotionally abused. This did not deter her however. She traveled the world after being involved in a class action lawsuit involving a faulty brake lining by a major car company. I can not however mention the car company due to the silence clause in her settlement agreement. She said she had seen Jesus in Bali when she was on mescaline. 
As to how she had procured mescaline in Indonesia was always a big question mark. But as long as she was giving Janie orgasms and paying for our dinners we both decided on mums the word. 
My father had recently bought tickets for us to go the Wrigley Field for a concert. We had been estranged for a while. I wonder if my constant complaining had driven him away. Janie always says I whine too much. We were at Lincoln Park Zoo and I decided to drink a pint of whiskey. The smell of animals set so prettily in cages unnerved me. I wondered if this was hell to them being robbed of their natural habitat in order to amuse us. 
What's wrong?
Seriously Karl what is the issue.
I think it is mental fatigue, Katie said while chewing obnoxiously on her pink bubblegum. 
While walking away I noticed that the sun was beginning to set, and that I desperately needed to remove myself from Janie and Katie. Janie grabs my arm and licks my face. 
What is wrong weirdo?
I feel nauseated.
Maybe 'cause you drank too much.
I think not, I said feigning impatience but loving the attention from a beautiful girl that I could never have, never be able to satisfy. Katie played on her expensive smart phone. She was always detached. 
Let's go back to my place, I say.
  see Janie mouthing to Katie that I need a drink. Perhaps I did. Perhaps the monkey s**t encrusted on the prison cells we were surrounded by had made me cross an emotional threshold. 
Why don't you guys go to Harold's pick up a bucket?
I smoked a cigar, it was a cheap one. Some lady spilled her drink on me. She was mid forties and very sloppy. 
My name's Annie, she said.
I'm Karl nice to have shared a drink with you.
Whaddya mean?
Well you're drink is all over my shirt ma'am.
You're funny aren't you.
I'm not a comedian, I'm more of a song and dance man.
You got a place around here?
Check please?!

Janie and Katie were puzzled at the presence of Annie at my apartment. Janie nudged me and laughed because of the fact that my new found companion could barely walk or form a coherent sentence. Katie wanted to draw on her face after she passed out. They underestimated her. She drank the fifth of Jack Daniels I had in the cabinet and the six pack of Heineken I had in the fridge. A real powerhouse that intimidated even I.
Your friends can't drink for s**t, she said.
I didn't know we were having a competition.
We were honey, and you just won.
Annie had nice silky skin. She was put together pretty well for an alcoholic middle aged woman. She wore very tight blue jeans. I ripped them off with ease and ran my tongue up and down her slender neck. Pushing her down onto the bed I pulled out my c**k. She lapped at it generously while playing with my balls. 
Where do you want it baby?
You know where daddy, she said.
I pulled off her panties and spread her legs. She guided me inside of her. At first I was gentle kissing her on the mouth, and then I began to thrust violently for twenty minutes, her face down upon my pillows turning red as I came deep inside. 
Do you have any coke?
I laughed out loud. Janie barged in and stumbled into my bathroom. She puked over and over. My friends really could not drink for s**t. Annie went into the bathroom to take care of my best friend, and I went to the kitchen to make a pizza. 

© 2013 Bruce

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A Story by Bruce

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