Chicago Night Cap

Chicago Night Cap

A Story by Bruce

Always the stranger, like playing it that way Wistful looks disguising my mercurial intents. You sat there looking at some trashy magazine. I was transfixed on a bottle of Old Grandad that is half drained with a lime wedge at the top.
"Hey you look lonely." 
"No, I'm just waiting for someone."
"No my sister actually."
"Five o'clock somewhere huh?" she said while motioning at the half pint.
"It's been a rough year, hell lady it's been a rough life."
Her sister walked up she was prettier. 
"Who's the drunk? Is he bothering you Alice? Should I call the police?"
"Nah, I think he's harmless."
"You're probably right, look at how he slumps his shoulders, totally defeated."
"Must be that's why he is drinking so early in the day in a public place. F*****g sad, nobody to love."
They were right. Both women laughed as a I walked away. 
I dipped into a CVS Pharmacy after I finished the Old Grandad, and bought a couple pints of beer and took the 94 bus east toward the Lake Shore.  I just wanted to think. I popped open the first pint of Pabst Blue Ribbon and took some large swigs. An old lady looks away in disgust. 
"Hey Mommy this guy smells like pee pee." 
"That's not nice Kimmy but you are right this here is the largest piece of trash I have ever seen on a Chicago Bus. That is saying a lot. Look at how he sweats. It smells like Ammonia."
"Why does he smell like that Mommy?"
"Because the sad man probably has liver failure."
Did they not see me?
I thought I was such hot stuff in College. I picked up such a terrible alcohol dependence. There was no way to cope with my emotions. Every week I would drain about a gallon of Wild Turkey. I wasn't very interested in my studies. The debt racked up. Jesus, what was I thinking?
The kid and mother exited right before we reached the beach. It was cold and gray just how I like it. The end of summer was near.  

© 2016 Bruce

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This is a beautifully sad piece of writing my friend. The way its written makes it so easy to empathize with the character and feel for him.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

Thank you very much for your feedback Chris.

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1 Review
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Chicago, IL

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A Story by Bruce

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