A Story by Bruce

She would send his things later on that day. The UPS man came around the office at 3 p.m. Molly told Stu 2 weeks ago that it was over. 4 years, the prime of her life, down the drain. Mother would call often. Never to reassure, only to bicker. 
"No I get it Mom."
"I told you he was no good, trash. With all the tattoos. Big sign."
No comfort. No solace. Broken record mother gumming up Molly's mind works.
She called her best friend Peter. They went to a pub. Peter had too much again. Molly sat in the corner thinking about Stu while looking at the two boxes of sundries and resentment. Peter said he talked some girl into going how with him. A young group of twenty somethings enter. They are very loud, save one. Molly recognizes her. Iggy Pop roars on in the background with the Stooges. TV Eye. 
Stu calls. She tells him that the UPS man never came. It was a lie. 
"Scotch and soda please." she yells to the bartender.
He smiles and shimmies for the Glenlivet. The young girl that Molly recognizes approaches her. Molly looks at her IPhone hoping to avoid the awkwardness of not knowing the younger woman's name.
"Excuse me, your name is Molly Marigold right?"
"You're not a process server are you?"
"I don't know what that is."
"Yeah I'm Molly Marigold."
"I'm Tricia Tipit. Dana's little sister."
Dana had been Molly's best friend since grade school. They lost touch after an argument 2 years ago. Stu always acted weird around Dana. 
"It's all in your mind Molly." they would both say in concord.
It wasn't Dana though, it was Stu's massage therapist and yoga instructor.
Dana tried to reach out, but her attempts were at first met with excuses. After a while they were just ignored outright. Molly had a dream about Dana about a month ago. It was when they were nine and became lost deep in the woods. 
"How's Dana doing?"
"I know you guys lost touch. I heard you were in town. My first instinct was to come here, this is where you and Dana used to go. I've been going through a lot of stuff lately. I wasn't sure what I was going to say to you. You really broke her heart Molly. We lost Mom a year ago. I remember when you would come by and she would make us all Pancakes, Eggs, and bacon. Breast Cancer and pride got to her. Mom said she wanted to cross the River Styx whole. Dana just thought she was too weak to fight."
"I'm sorry to hear about your Mom, she was a great lady. I remember those pancakes. She always made me silver dollars because I was always worried about my weight."
"So where is Dana? I tried calling her to mention I would be back in town, but she never responded."
"She is working up by the docks with Tom Bailey. Not much of a signal out by the docks."
"Take care Molly."
Molly looks around the bar, and downs the rest of her Glenlivet and Coca Cola. One of the young men from the boisterous group is refused service. He is the biggest one in the group. The bouncer makes a move as Tricia is accidentally hit by a beer bottle chucked hard by the young man looking for trouble. Tricia is bleeding profusely from her nose. Her eyes begin to swell. Molly immediately rushes to her side with a towel and wipes the blood and tears away.

© 2017 Bruce

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