Remind me to make a difference

Remind me to make a difference

A Poem by B.E. Gonzales

Our environment is dying. Our planet is dying. It's time to make difference. It's time to make a change. Every morning, remind me to make difference.


The sky, dyed in different shades of blue

The sun burned hot high above

Centuries passed and born anew

The world was filled with love

Trees you now see

Sway in the breeze of spring

Birds fly in the sky, young and free

Our planet Earth truly is a blessing

Who will take care of all these?

Only humanity can save humanity

Nature’s gifts have brought man so much bliss

But, the earth will not live for an eternity

Nature’s purpose is not serve man alone

But be served by man as well

Nature is alive, not dead like stone

Once free, to man, she fell

Nature has become man’s slave

Man enjoys her pain and suffering

We are pulling to her grave

Man never had time for thinking

What‘s there to think about?

People would ask me with curiosity

These words cleared all my doubt

Never was man aware that he treated nature wrongly

Maybe man isn’t aware of it all

How he had been treating nature

That same ignorance led to Adam and Eve’s fall

Have we ever thought of our future?

God gave each of us a soul

Even if our bodies die, our souls are still there

Our children will continue to strive for our goal

Will we give them a dead planet to bear?

If regrets always come in the end

It would be best for us to build a good start

It is time we save nature, our old friend

Before all roads start to part

If we don’t do anything

What will become of our planet in the end?

Our planet Earth is slowly dying

Make a difference in ever second you spend

Some would say it’s too late

While others say it’s impossible

We can save our planet Earth with a pinch of faith

And our spirits so indomitable

Perhaps, many years have passed by

And little success has been achieved so far

Just believe and let your dreams fly

Our planet Earth will once again shine like a bright star

The sun is setting at this moment

And maybe night and darkness will come after

But I know tomorrow will come and reign fervent

And we will face it together

When I wake up next morning

Remind me to make a difference

Tell me to make a change in this life I’m living

And a reason for my existence

© 2010 B.E. Gonzales

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Added on January 29, 2010
Last Updated on January 29, 2010
Tags: nature


B.E. Gonzales
B.E. Gonzales

Ouezon City , National Capital Region , Philippines

I am 13 years old from the Philippines. I write short stories, essays, plays, and songs. I specialize in poetry, both in English and Tagalog, my native tongue. I usually write about love, life, Death,.. more..