The Dream of the Man That Slept Under the Banana Tree

The Dream of the Man That Slept Under the Banana Tree

A Poem by B.E. Gonzales

This is a narrative poem about a boy who found riches as an old man had told him. It is about life in the hacienda or plantation.


An old man sat under the banana tree

He closed his eyes and started dreaming

Everybody in the hacienda was busy

Except for that old man who was sleeping


The encomiendero caught the old man

And woke him up from his deep sleeping

He looked at the encomiendero and ran

From a distance, I saw him running


He was becoming tired and weary

And the sun burned scorching hot in the sky

He came to me and I hid him inside the granary

I can still remember that afternoon in July 


He whispered in my ear, saying:

“I dreamed about you future, dear child”

I looked at the old man and started laughing

He took my hand and smiled


“What is my future, old man?” I asked curiously

He wiped the dust off his glasses and said:

“My boy, you will be rich and wealthy

That the encomiendero will bow in dread.”


I was shocked and struck with disbelief

Yes, I dreamed of a sea of silver and gold

But this poor life and life of grief

Gives no time for ambitions so bold


The old man saw doubt on my face

“Do not give time for doubt and disbelief

For riches await you in the coming days

And you shall find sweet relief.”


The old man went out and inhaled a piece of air

He told me wait for the rains to come

Wait for the soil to erode and then prepare

He told me that only then shall I find my kingdom


After the old man spoke, we parted ways

News of a storm approaching spread around

The awaited storm came after four days

To the hills we were bound

All the crops were destroyed by flood

All our cows and goats were killed

Wet and sticky was the mud

Fallen trees surround the wheat field


The few days after the storm were hard

We had no money and all our crops died

As I was walking in our muddy yard

I noticed the banana tree where the old man lied


It had fallen down and its fruits were smashed

I looked up at the sky and it started to rain

Suddenly, the banana tree was vigorously bashed

By lightning, ripping it vein by vein


I came close to the tree after the rain stopped

Then I saw a piece of gold, covered in ash

I took a piece of the wood I chopped  

I dug the ground and gave the rocks a bash


I found a metal chest filled with gold!

I went to mother and told her about my find

With the metal chest to behold

Gold and riches galore was the thought in mind 


Then, I thought of the old man who told me

His dream about that certain find

I was willing to agree

To give a part of my riches to the old man so kind


I went to find the old man who slept

Under the shade of the banana tree

Hammered in my mind was the thought of regret

For I did not believe at first in the man who dreamed of me


Then his son came to me and said:

“My father died in the flood but he left this note.”

He gave me the note and I went home and read:

“Dear boy that fate will promote,


“The hour you will read this here letter

I would have joined our Creator

But my boy, now that I am gone forever

Continue my dreams and be sure to dream also in your favor.”


I closed the letter and started to cry

His last words were strong and true

“Our bodies will die but Death shall deny

The soul and dreams you drew.”



© 2010 B.E. Gonzales

Author's Note

B.E. Gonzales
"Hacienda" is a plantation. "Enconmiendero" is appointed or given responsibility over an "encomienda" or small community.

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Powerful story that sweeps us through a depth of character and life experience. Profound, beautiful ending as well... filled with a hope and courage!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Wow! Amazing story and beautifully written! Good job! :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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B.E. Gonzales
B.E. Gonzales

Ouezon City , National Capital Region , Philippines

I am 13 years old from the Philippines. I write short stories, essays, plays, and songs. I specialize in poetry, both in English and Tagalog, my native tongue. I usually write about love, life, Death,.. more..