Chapter 1: Evil Appears

Chapter 1: Evil Appears

A Chapter by Patrick Masters

The night was dark as pitch, the world occasionally laid bare by the flashes of light that filled the sky as water peppered the roof of the old building I was moving through. I had experienced many similar nights. So many I had forgotten how to flinch at the flashes of light and the dins that followed. I walked forward down narrow corridors, floorboards creaking every step I took. I knew all too well what I was searching for. I was searching for a monster that had gone too far and needed to be put down. It was a state of affairs I understood. I'd seen it many times. My job did not often bring happy endings to my desk. This one was particularly tragic. A boy who had spent less than a year on this Earth was murdered in his crib. It seemed like every ounce of blood had been sucked from his body. The police say there were bite marks on the young boy's throat but that the DNA of whatever did it was unrecognizable. It was, at least to those who live solely in the realm of science. However, to those like me, who battle in a world beyond that of mortal men, it was clear. A starving vampire was so overcome with hunger, he made the mistake of sucking the boy dry. Killing such a young child was just a vile crime that I could never forgive. So I grabbed my old pistol, loaded with silver bullets of course, and my wooden stake. I was on the hunt. Though vampires were untraceable to the average human, they were easy prey to an experienced hunter like myself. Several rituals had changed me from a blind human into the ultimate hunter. I could smell vampires that were miles away even in the thickest of storms. After taking some time to pick up his scent at the victim's house I became privy to his basic profile. he was male and young, at least as vampires go. He was not born a vampire, he had been turned into one. The impurity of the blood I smelled made that easy to tell. Whoever did the deed of changing him must have abandoned him to his own devices, otherwise, he would not have done something so stupid. But that was a matter to be investigated later. Now I had to deal with the prey before me.
"Oh, will you just come out already!? I know yer in here so why don't we just move this along. I have places to be and people to meet."
"So It appears you can really sense me after all. I thought you might be able to after tracking me all the way here without once actually laying eyes on me. You are an interesting fellow indeed."
"And you really are a stupid fellow for thinking you could escape an experienced hunter."
"Hey, you can't blame a man for trying. Earlier you seemed like just some lost old man. I really didn't want to kill you. But it seems you just aren't going to leave me alone so I guess I have no choice but to deal with you.
"Fraid you do. Although I would be just a bit more cautious. I may be a tad past my prime but I should be able to handle a wee little insect like yourself."
"Insect!? Are you brain damaged? I'm a f*****g vampire. I'll suck your a*s dry and..."
"Leave me here to rot away and die? God, you really are all the same. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that I wouldn't need this job. Then again, it's not like I do this for the money anymore. I do it because pests like you require a special kind of exterminator!"
The young vampire seemed to be taking a step back. Perhaps he has realized I'm not some defenseless old man. Then again he doesn't seem like the strategic type. His adoption of a sprinter's stance confirmed my view of him.
"Oh, you think yer tough s**t huh gramps? Well, let's see how you feel when I rip yer damn throat out!"
With that, he jumped out of his stance and bounded towards me. To his credit, his speed was decent. Whoever had turned him was certainly not a nobody. However, I had more than enough experience to know how to work the situation. Drawing my pistol I pointed it in his direction, firing a shot that landed just in front of his feet.
"Guess yer all talk!? You can't aim for s**t!" The boy boasted as his claw approached my throat. However, it had been my intention to miss. My shot had caused him to hesitate just the slightest bit with his next step. Using the opportunity I quickly stepped to the side and used the wall as a launch point to fire my shoulder into him and knock him off of his balance. He stumbled forward more than expected. It was likely he still wasn't used to his own speed. Seizing this opening I took aim and fired two shots. These unlike my first were aimed to hit home and they did. The silver bullets plunged into the backs of both knees immobilizing him.
"Ahhh!! F**k!!! What the hell!"
"Oh, what happened to the tough guy I was dealing with earlier? All your big talk almost got me thinkin this would be a decent fight. But alas, sloppy would probably be the best word to describe your sorry a*s."
"F**k off! You piece of s**t, I'm gonna kill you!"
"Give it up son we both know that ship has sailed. Now just lay down like a good dog and die will ya. I hate the whiny types."
"Oh f**k you! Fine just get it over with then. Put a bullet in me and end it."
"What? Oh no, I'm afraid that isn't what I'm gonna be doin. I guess I should probably tell you now."
"Tell me what?"
Grabbing his elbow and putting a silver bullet in it I told him over his screams of agony.
"fraid I'm not the forgiving type. I want to make sure you suffer. Now, what part should I shoot next? Maybe I'll let you choose."
Turning him face up and planting my foot on his chest I scanned for my next target.
"Uuuugggghhhhh! What kind of monster are you!" He screamed at me.
"The kind that hunts bigger ones" I said as I shot his kneecap and took aim at his testicles.
"In case you haven't noticed, you vampires are just as susceptible to pain as we humans are. The only difference is the material that can damage us. You vampires are some pretty tough fuckers, but you do have a few Achilles heels. Wood and silver being a couple of them." I informed him as I shot his nuts, both shoulders, and both thighs. discharging the empty clip from my gun I loaded a fresh one. While doing this I began to notice that the silver was not burning away his flesh at the rate it should on a half-blood. In fact, his body was more resistant than several purebloods I'd killed in the past. This gave me a feeling of unease. Whatever monster it was that changed him it must have been powerful.
"Ahhhhahhhaaaa! Please just kill me already!"
"No, I don't think you've suffered enough considering the crime you committed. However, It does feel like shooting you any more would have diminishing returns, you know, when it comes to the pain. So I think I'll just enjoy a smoke or two while you lay there. Once I'm done I'll plant this here stake in your heart and be done with it all." I said opening my coat to reveal my weapon of execution. after dropping my coat back to my side I reached into my pocket and grabbed my pack and lighter. Sliding one out and grabbing it with my teeth I opened the lighter and lit the end. I Inhaled and then letting out a big puff of smoke down on him I told him.
"You really are a piece of s**t. You know that? I'm curious what kind of monster does it take to kill a little babe in its crib?"
"What?! F**k you man I was starving ok. I needed blood and it was just such an easy meal."
"Well because of your stupidity a child had his life ended early. Soon enough I'll do the same to you. Then you can contemplate what being a victim feels like in whatever part of hell you end up in."
Working my way through the cigarette I grew more and more annoyed by his bitching and moaning
"Oh, will you just shut yer trap already!" I yelled smashing my foot into his jaw. The small silver spikes on the sole of my boots cut his mouth and tongue and broke his teeth, leaving him mute.
Finally, after a couple more smokes and about an hour I felt his suffering had been sufficient. Pulling the stake from the inside of my coat I bent down and grabbed his shoulder while I lifted the stake up.
"Tell the devil I said hi you monster" I told him as I plunged my wooden stake through his heart. Breathing a sigh I stood up and gazed at my finished prey. I spat in his direction but, the body disintegrated before the dribble could touch him. Then with the job finished I walked towards the exit of the old building. As I pressed forward I began to contemplate who it was that changed him into a vampire and what I needed to do next.
'I don't think I can just leave this case behind. He was faster than many of the purebloods I've faced before and he survived having all those silver bullets in him for longer than any half-blood should have been able to. Had he not been so cocky and inexperienced this could have turned into a real dogfight. Whoever it was that let him drink their blood and change must be strong, too strong for me to let roam free in good conscience."
Grabbing the steel knob I jerked it and pushed the door open. Staring out I could see the storm that had been raging outside. It had not weakened a bit and I knew the walk home would be less than enjoyable. Rain pelted my head as I walked away like nothing had happened. However, I knew that trouble was brewing in my future.

© 2017 Patrick Masters

Author's Note

Patrick Masters
This is the first chapter of a book I am currently writing. What do you think? What did you like? What did you not like? Be honest.

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I love series with a dark fantasy feel to it. So I really enjoyed the opening. I can truly see myself being a fan of your writing XD

Posted 1 Year Ago

Patrick Masters

1 Year Ago

Thank you! Glad you're enjoying it. There's much more to come!

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