A Poem by Thomas B. Buckman

Human, Enigma.



be yourself
as you want to be
dont let the haters
get you down
for they cannot attain
your lovers crown
you are the savior
the reaper of souls
you make them think twice
before breaking their bowls

they want nothing more
than to let you stay in
but you know better
and keep going to them

these people are rough
these people are rowdy
but they all know the truth
they're bonded by mortality

be humble
be wise
the spirits
will rise
they wont let you down
they wont let you suffer
unless you try to
get into their coffer..

for what is theirs
is not yours
but what is yours
is all theirs
for they know the truth
and you are unaware.

this ignorance is bliss
even though you don't know it
but you try to hide
you try not to show it.

you think you know all
and this is your sin
they sit there above you
with a s**t-eating grin

"What a bunch of idiots."

© 2009 Thomas B. Buckman

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This is very good. You're quite right, but a question becomes, are they happy the way they are, unknowing? What happens when you're willing to break their happy little world into shards?

I really like this piece. Every once and a while you throw in a word which rhymes but does not necessarily fit. I think that is the true form of free writing. You've done wonderfully with this piece. I love that everything you write raises questions in my head and I love reading through and asking myself what you're saying and what you're hoping people get out of your writing.

Another lovely piece. Nice work.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Oh My, this is wonderful..
Yes we give people an inch, they then want a pound of our flesh..
I love the way this flows, the styling, really very well written..

two thumbs up!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Thomas B. Buckman
Thomas B. Buckman

Osage Beach, MO

My name is Thomas Buckman. I was a twenty year old unemployed poet... Now I'm a 21 year old member of the United States Army. "My role in society, or any artist's or poet's role, is to try and .. more..

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A Poem by Thomas B. Buckman