I go visit my friend second part

I go visit my friend second part

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It was beautiful view from the rocky top. Wind was stronger and sun hotter. Rain almost stop. There was in distance few rainbows. I just watched for while. To keep this picture in me on forever. I heard the falling small stones like somebody walking around. But I cannot see any shadows any creature. There was silent moments and start over again. I decide just to go. Bellow me great shiny dark lake. I went down again over rocks. They was shiny and few spots with never melting snow. When I reach the lake. Sunlight make golden surface on water. Water was cold and bitter when I tried to drank up. And now sounds of flying arrow . Hit the stones next to my feet. I jump into cold water go under surface. Now all my food was left on edge of the lake. Have just knife and time to breath. I lay on my back and let just top of the nose to be up. But anyway waters move around me . So I went again under. And there in left corner. Was some kind of cave or hole. I went in and rise up into cave beauty of colors and glass shapes. I feel save now. Who was it that person who tried kill me. Which reason have to end my life. Why all this journey turn to completly doom. But not

 completly. Still on the live and still with hope. On the ground was strange path like with colorful sand. Red in blue and golden yellow. I went on it. Path was twisting more down to dark space. I heard about caves natives . Living in darkness. Going for hunt in night so nobody can see them. There was tale is was some few people who survive epidemy from whites. So they decide hide and don't be see anymore. Something like secret surviving. I was little scared now. To escape of death. I run to arms of another death. I am sure if they find me here. They will not let me go for my planes. They will not risk somebody knows about them . I should be really careful now. Path now have three ways one leading to east, second leading to west three leading to north. I need to go to the north. So I went there. On walls of this cave was draw face of each animals living in woods and in mountains. Where this will lead me . Whats on the end of this path. Dark was more black. I don't see thing. I touched walls around me . So i can feel where should go. I was walked more up now. I can feel wind on my lips. Still no light to see. way was up quiet slippery i have to walk like wolf with my four limbs. Small light became bigger . On the end great hall. I mannage go over this underground maze. Now I am again free. I think. From trees jump out 10 natives . Make circle around me with arrows to be shot.

 I go to my knees and waiting. One of them tight my hands with strong rope. Make me stand with his sharp kick. No one talk they put my mouth soil with leaves. So I cannot make sounds. We went to another direction. There was another hole with rope . They force me to go down in. They lead me over paths. On end underground river with canoei. We go in and sail on. Silence just sounds of padles in water. Space became grate light became brighter. There on higher rocks . Was great flames from great fire. Next to them stand very beautiful women. She looked me like she want to know who I am. 

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broken English.
also... I don't get it, what is meant by their being beautiful, "women" (Plural) who look like you and want to know who you are

Posted 4 Months Ago

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4 Months Ago

Aye sorry she is leader of that underground tribe. My English is really horrible. I will re write an.. read more

4 Months Ago

what language do you speak? just curious?

4 Months Ago

I speaking one of it Slavic languages. It's quiet different from english.for example if you build se.. read more
Photos and words. A wonderful place you took me with. I liked the journey and the proper ending. To learn peace and know who you are. Thank you Broken english for sharing your powerful and worthwhile words.

Posted 7 Months Ago


7 Months Ago

Yes in my mind is if still make continuing or not. There is still lot of secrets to explore. Thanks .. read more
Coyote Poetry

7 Months Ago

A good read and you are welcome.

7 Months Ago

Thanks again .

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