Navajo women

Navajo women

A Poem by ?........................

They are not just beautiful 
They are not just mothers 
They are not just daughters 
They are healers they are leaders 
They are dancers on the sky 
They are warriors of heart 
Give the lives in birth of pain 

Care about live in each vein 
Keep dry in falling rain 
Give proper nature name 
Corn groove in wooden frame 
Keep weeds out 
Give shelter to domestic animals 
Make cheese from fat milk 
Make rag over sandy dust 
Make brew from healing herbs 
Steaming spirit into sick soul 
Hot spa with great hot stone 
Inside tipi inside heart 
Core of each act 
Ride horse over desert 
In between red rocks 
Feeling wind feeling morning frost 
Sun om morning spot 
Soon her lips will be hot 
She is strong with her own will 
She is not slave 
She is brave 
She is Navajo 

Man cannot give her order 
In leader manner 
In her hair eagle feather 
Ceremonies of legends 
Changing women give birth 2 child 
Holy people behind 
They gave her dress 
They gave her hair style 
They gave her care for her home 
They gave her preparation for food 
They gave her fire with dry wood 
In her motherhood 

She raise boys and girls on the own 
She teach them about love and corn 
She teach them make bow and arrows 
Shoot in moving little sparrows 
See all them good affection in life 
Beauty in dark and light 
There are 4 elements 
Water is blood of all plants and trees 
They are give fruits 
Thanks to the bees 
'Without this there will be no life 
Without this you will never be born 
Without this Navajo will never exist 

Man and women 
Give it life 
Give it ways 
Give it love 
Open space over open minds 
Traditional symbols in sands 
Opening hearts in dark caves 
Smile on women face 
Red soil 
Roots dry up 
But spirit never went away 
Dancing around the hay 
See the reflection in thousands lakes 
Make harvest in full moon 
Colorful corns 
On wooden plate 
Nature in human faith 
Promise in born life 

Close to earth 
There is kill for the meat 
Fire in heat 
Heart in beat 
Opening palms 
Above heads 
Above clouds 
Above rain 

Sheep are moving around the river 
Stones are in soil 
Children play 
Children find 
Own nature in own mind 
Water is hot and swimming is deep 
You can catch what you will need 
Moving fish on the west 
Hair are dancing in joy 
Evening tale stories 
How world was born 
How people came 
From another land 

But we will never change 
We are Navajo tribe 
We are hearts in flesh 
We are stronger 
Our land 
Reflect our mind 
Rain fall 
Like sun on the west 
Creation inside nature 
Colorful flowers 
Colorful sand 
Colorful hand 

© 2017 ?........................

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Beautiful photo and powerful words. The women are beautiful and I see great power and strength in their eyes. Powerful and worthwhile words. Need to be read by many. Thank you Broken english for sharing your powerful words and thoughts.

Posted 7 Months Ago


7 Months Ago

Yes Navajo women are really beautiful. They are build stones of tribe. I will write more about women.. read more

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Added on August 16, 2017
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