Trail of tears

Trail of tears


Indian removal took place in the Northern states as well. In Illinois and Wisconsin, for example, the bloody Black Hawk War in 1832 opened to white settlement millions of acres of land that had belong

It was begin very slowly. First they came in small groups. We give them some of our lands. For cows and crops. But more and more came. They start be really big group. They wanted our land whole. They start with night attacking and burning our sacred places. Killing our dogs and rape our women. So we attack them too . Burn they places too. Took they wife and children. Then army came with heave cannons and machines . Turn our place into fire ashes and scream of victims. They take us down into river. Now wash yourself your pigs. That most fat soldier said. We knew if we don't do they kill us all. include children and women. After bath . they tell  us . You should be more happy now. You gonna join your brothers on west. On your own feet. They dont even allow have horses to carry our staff. And what about food and drink. But they faces was cold like

 ice in Huron country. Some of us warriors get chains. They were scare we attack them on the way. Sun was hot like fire flames. We walk with tears in our eyes and with pain in our hearts. We left our land without to say good bye. Our sacred places were destroy. Our fields became just cotton fields. Our home became home for people who hurt us . Cause we are not same like them. Cause we don't believe in cross and suffering. Our lips start get be dry very soon. For food we have just dry corns and dry beef. It was restless journey. They don't let us rest for so long. They always aiming on us with they guns. They eyes was full of fears and hate. They smoke cigaret and drink whiskey. Get more mad. Sometimes they shoot when we little speed up. One women was shoot with her child cause she need go for toailet . They were cruel and cynic. So many good souls die cause of them. They greed and hate. All children were scare into bones. They hold mothers hands. Keep eyes in moving red dust. We were deafeat by cowards. Just cause they have better guns then we has it. I know some tribes agree to go . Cause they got money and cows. But that was just another trap. On the way they shoot cows and take they money. Never trust any white man. He say yes and means no. In night we sleep close to each other. Holding hands. Tale stories to our children. How our tribe was  brave and how we will be brave again . There is no chance when man make bad act. He will be no punish . Maybe take lot of

 times. But there is always end. For those who lie, steal or kill. One little boy cry cause he cannot find his mom. She was gone or death. Or maybe soldiers now rape her. This is our fate. I wonder what our tribe make wrong. We have to suffer too much. Whats reason for all this. I cannot find answer . I don't even see it answer in that boy crying eyes. I hold him strongly on my chest. Tell him we will find you mom. No matter

 what we have to do. Later on this boy start run and cry out mother come back to me. Soldiers kill him. Maybe he is now with her mom. Who knows. When we rweach west land. Just half make us. Another half was kill by hunger and not enough food. Or soldiers wanted have more fun. So they kill us cause we are just american natives. 


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Added on August 17, 2017
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Praha , Le Paris , the new York Bohemia , VT

Poet with dyspraxia. Iwill not waste my time explain this contidion at my words here is the symptoms . If you have more question just contact me thanks. Very high levels of motor activity,.. more..