Brave girl

Brave girl

A Story by Post Mortem

My name in your language means Strong Will. I was always very hard minded . Always protect weak and innocents . My heart was always with people who suffer and need it help. I am from south Apache tribes. But when I heard about troubles in South Dakota. I decide I cannot stay in my home. I need go to help them. One voice or 40 voices cannot change things. But if we all stand together. If we member what happen when leaved our unity. We should became one strong voice . What can be heard in white house and other official places. We can feel how this land became cruel. When they speak about justice and prosperity. And wanted

 dig and rape one of our sacred places. Where Geronimo was kill. Member of my tribe. I cannot stand alone. I have to go with all my stuff and soul. With all my heart. Go into battle what was begun long time ago . When all tribes from east and north. Was force move over here and over there. When all was darker then white man coffee. I want to help my tribe that why I decide go to study medicine. Cause so many people cannot effort go to doctor. I want help them when they need and no when they have money. Healthy system of this land is really sucks. We are seperate system but basicaly our system have to follow system of white man. We have freedom and we dont. I am now on bus station go to north. It will be very long way. I can hear some people said. Look red skin is here. Nobody protect me and say stop it. All people are silent like books. I decide to ignore this . When things get whorst I have my knife ready to make peace. Eating sandwich and drink Yanabah . Read some medical scripts . Time goes very slowly. Is quiet hot anyway we  are south in middle of desert. There was one black couple. They was hiding in corner. This group of people who called me red skin. Start drink some cheap liquers . Get more louder. And they start shout racist names and trow away bottles close to the couple . Again no one react no one were brave. So I stood up . Go to the group and said in very clear voice.

 You got 5 minutes to shut up your dirty racist mouth or I gonna call trooper. But they start laugh and some of them split into my face . I knew if I get to mysefl into trouble. I will not make it for standing rock. But great spirit sometimes choose for us What is best than we think or then we feel. I went into place where they sell tickets. I tell guy who was probably mexican origin. What going on. He say well lady this happen all the time. This is like custom in this land. All right sir if you don't call . I will call. Leave him in his coward place. Went to phone box. But when I hear women scream. Please don't hurt me please don't. Last word was not hear. I went where was scream hear. Is was not in bus station but in oposition direction in park. Black guy was tight to tree and others man held black women on ground . Propably wanted do very bad things . I walk very slow without sound . Grab one guy take him on the tree. And said if you don't leave . This guy will be on another place. Guys was stoned and start run . I kick guy on the ground and we went back on bus station 

© 2017 Post Mortem

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Added on August 17, 2017
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Post Mortem
Post Mortem


I AM not important but my creations are. At least for a me. I often change my pen name according what's my themes in writing. This days it's theme of ancient Greek and Rome. What will be next gods and.. more..