Man who cannot manage nothing

Man who cannot manage nothing

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Story with biographic parts

Morning wake him up with cold in his bed. He open his eyes and he realize his bed room is empty. There is nothing to left. Just white walls and black floors. He went into bathroom . Then he start shaving himself. Foam was all over even mirror was cover with white warm snow. He clean it but is get more messy. So he grab towel and wipe mirror like dirty baby. Now he start shave him self but on the chin he make deep cut like hell. He start bleed like pig in slaughterhouse . He grab towel and push on the wound. He breathing heavily. He walking all around so get more time then he stop bleed. When he finish shaving with pain. He put his

 favorite shave lotion on his face. It really burn like real fire. He try fix his bed . But there was little poo and pee all over . Probably have to now wash. Since he don't have washing machine. Cause he broke it when he wash beer bottles there when he was drunk like Charles Bukowski. So he use bucket and stick what he find last night in park when he vomit on it. So he but clothes into bucket and start put water in. When he realize he use in night one more bucket. Cause he is lazy like director of company. He use it for his night pee. Very easy just in night stand up and do it. And without washing his hands he feel to sleep like sweet baby. So he find the right bucket and he start be hungry. And thirsty and tired. But anyway he put bed sheets into bucket fill up with water and start sing I AM SO EASY GOING MAN LAddddddaaaaaaaaaaa. Now he let bed sheets in water with soap. He put his funny clothes on him. Underwear was slightly smelly but still good to wear. Socks also have few battles from last night in pub. Jeans have holes but not from fancy reasons is just happen . T shirt with letters what he made there with bleach. There was I am great idiot in great universe. Now I looks cool let's eat something. He opened fridge ha is empty. He go to ladder ha is empty. He went cellar ha is not empty still 10 cold beers. All right let's drink something and after let's see if I can. He decide drink here cause He don't have to go up and down again. He have also good stereo sound system what he stole from local

 cinema projections. He put his favorite cd by Tom Waits Frank Wild Year's . He start dance and scream When I broke her heart and when I broke her heart. In the fact he was the one who have broken heart by Alice . She very easy find out , this will no right man for her. So she gave him signals but he don't get it. He write her secret messages under door left playing music in her voice mail. He waiting on her in night shades of park totally drunk . When she appear he try talk to her but all what went out was just his liquid vomit. Cause that day he don't eat at all. Cause he want be faster drunk. After when she call police and this two policemans have probably very bad day. So he end up in intesive care with broken bones and heart. Now he finally get it. She don't love me anymore. When he get back he cool down and became proper artistic alcoholic. He wrote poems on writers caffee org. But nobody give him review cause he was so dumb THE END. 

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Added on September 16, 2017
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