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The Secrets of the Alley

The Secrets of the Alley

A Story by Carissa Marie

The rain falls relentlessly tonight, 
As I walk slowly down the slippery alley of a shady town, 
Silently yearning for the warmth of home.
I start to daydream what dinner awaits me,
Hoping my mom makes my favorite food. 
It's awfully scary walking alone. 
It seems that I am the only one traversing this alleyway. 

But wait, I hear something- 
Heavy footsteps slowly creeping towards me.
"That's strange", I thought to myself. 
The night had been quiet until now. 
I hear the footsteps coming closer, 
And suddenly faster.
It seems to be synchronizing with my heartbeat.  
Maybe he's just passing,
There's no need to be alarmed.
I clutch my bag tighter with one hand, 
And my umbrella with the other. 
The footsteps paused a few steps behind me, 
And I can hear a man's shallow breaths;
And suddenly, a loud thump. 
The man had fallen. 

  I debated internally whether to take a look, 
But curiosity takes over my self-preservation. 
I slowly turn around to face the man, 
And there he is lying in the alley, 
Swimming in a pool of his own blood.
Shock overtook my body, and I gasp for air. 
The air smells of fresh blood coming from the stranger. 
He lifts his head to look at me.  
"Help me", he whispers-
Blood dripping from his gaping mouth.
I approach the broken man to assess his injuries, 
Three gunshot wounds to the body, 
And a rope with a cardboard looped around his neck. 
"Help me", he tries to say louder again.
But I can see that it is hopeless, 
His eyes are starting to roll back into his sockets.

I muster all my strength 
Before letting out a blood-curling scream. 
I see people getting out of their homes, 
Trying to find out where the sound came from. 
"HELP!", I shout. 
And the people comes running towards me. 
The man beside me had already died, 
And all I can do is to close his unseeing eyes. 

The townsmen examines the man, 
As I slowly slip away from the crowd.  
I hear a woman say nonchalantly, 
"Oh. It's just another victim."
As if it was a normal occurrence. 
The curiosity of the people lasted for a few minutes, 
And the crowd slowly disperses. 

I look at the man one last time, 
Before leaving the alleyway. 
There are only a handful of people left 
To take care of the slain man. 
I catch a glimpse of the sign hanging from his neck, 
And I understood what the woman from earlier meant. 
The man was just another victim and his story will be- 
Just another secret of the alley.

© 2016 Carissa Marie

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Many people actually think like that and a lot of secrets are held between walls and lonely alleys, yes this was good. I like how that lady represents reality. Well done

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on August 10, 2016
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Carissa Marie
Carissa Marie

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