My heart dreams of you to share the darkness

My heart dreams of you to share the darkness

A Poem by prnce of estonia

the dream of what people want and hope to find


In the darkness, absence of sound, their plays a single rhythm; it is my heart, but it beats alone. It is a thought, a desire, that one day I’ll experience the rhythms of two hearts that share the darkness, and savor that time to be as one.  Entangled, interwoven into one whole. I seek that moment in time when two are one; where we speak without words, understand without directions. True love is a point when the world fades into nothing and the moment between you and I, seems like an endless moment in time.   For now, I am just a romantic dreamer, for this women, does not exist for me; she is a mirage of my heart, and mind.


I'm an ordinary man that does not speak of these thoughts openly, for it is not of man’s nature to profess such weakness. In all men their is a hidden lover, a great lover, to steal your heart. We speak little words, and yet hold much to tell to that woman who can see beneath the surface and spot what is hidden from your eyes. If I touched you; you would not forget me. If I kissed you; you would thrust for more. If I loved you; you would seek love no more. Who am I? I am that ordinary guy, that man who stands before you in everyday life.


Maybe I’m just a foolish romantic but why then do entangled hearts always lose time.   

To touch one another and escape the world to another place that only we / they, can go. I am a romantic dreamer, for this women, she does not exist for me; she is a mirage of my heart.


Lady of my heart; form a distance place, I speak words for your ears to hear and for your heart to grasp them; to make love, that was once was lost, be found in you. I speak to you on winds of hope, and fate; that my words will find you like and arrow to the bulls eye; swift, sure, precise, does it find its target. In my hearts dream, you are my vision that soothes my soul to be at peace. For now I’m still restless until your skin touches mine. Until your sweet perfume of you fills my lungs, and until I am lost to the beauty of thy lips, face and eyes. I’m eager to fall; for you, make love to thy soul as an unquenched thirst, that only you can prescribe the cure, and fill the desire that simmers in my soul.


Lost to you is me; forever in those angle eyes of yours. If wishes where granted, I’d only wish to hold love once more in my arms again. Short was our encounter, but painful it is to be apart. It is truly amazing how one falls to such things that grab the heart. One might say it is foolish to be this way. But what is foolish about wanting to have your heart sing. And you; being the one that makes it come alive. To love is to fly; while the foolish stay grounded, guarded; not willing to take the chance to live.  I live for that magic that comes from your lips. My heart races when you’re by my side. If this is foolish then I am forever your clown.  (The end)

(Alternate ending) They say you can’t tell the mind to forget what the heart does not want to. So what am I to do here, but live with the void of you, they say time heals all wounds, but the question that rises here and now. Is how do I get through each day until this wound of mine heals? This is yet another message written down and thrown to the wind of fate that some how my words will pass your eyes and fate will right the wrong that has been done here.


We are sheep in pastures of fate, for it is not our choice to fall to each other, it is yet fate that drives us towards one another. We wish, nor want to be wounded but yet are hearts throw caution to the wind anyway. All in hopes that we find a gentle soul, that would receive are affection with kindness and reverence.

Open is my hand that seeks you; all that is needed, is that your reach out and grasp the gesture.,  the challenge is to be a dream lover; the key is not be bold or extravagant, but to be imaginative, and make the gesture out of your own thought and from the heart. The smallest of love gestures can be the most Remember gifts if its from the heart. 

They already have fallen to you, now is the time, to show what they mean to you, and how they affect your heart. To answer the question, just think of what life would be without them, and speak of those thoughts to them. Let them know that under the rock that you show to be unaffected; their lays a Jello foundation that needs them, wants them. Weakness in not admitting to the truth, but denying that truth, itself exist. (Alternate ending)

© 2012 prnce of estonia

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Added on August 16, 2012
Last Updated on August 16, 2012


prnce of estonia
prnce of estonia

chicago , IL

I'm just an armature writer and music composer I just want to see how my stuff is excepted more..