I Saw a Film Tomorrow And

I Saw a Film Tomorrow And

A Poem by Ty

This all makes perfect sense. Don't we all love sense.


So I sit confounded, bound to limitations, ragged and moaning forever. Churning, spilling and unwilling. I am the caretaker, I always have been. Has-been. Chef Oratorio speaks and screams nonsensically. Placid fish all purple and white mightily write on black ocean with eggs and bubbles, caviar and carbon dioxide. Spillage of innocent plow, vagrant but fragrant neon eye liner. I can't speak. I've told you. I've told them. Cool for years, cool for years. Spanish and French.
Nothingness is a friend, hitting only the black keys. White is evil. White killed my foster parents. White spoke to me when it knew I couldn't speak back. White broke the world open. Universe doesn't care. Universe doesn't care about this paper. This paper is white. With blue lines, and red I think. Blue and red also evil, but I'm writing in black so's not to upset order, must not upset The Order. I'm infatuated with it. It could kill me easily but instead thinks fondly of me. Feels me from a distance, unclothed with skin on. So much skin on on on and on. Feed me oh great Order. Lift me to your level, shed my skin, born once more into the pocket of a ghost, one I know. Preferably steel. Sheen and glowing. Partially torn. Scrapbook colored crab novice fetus sheet stuck nocturnally 'neath face and fact, fetus and tact, mockingly, unknowingly, unforgivably mine.


© 2017 Ty

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sequel to the beatles...Across the Universe----
in the future....
I saw a film today , oh boy----about a lucky man who made the grade"

your speaker seems to have missed that day in school....and is lost at sea....

love this, Ty.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on July 7, 2017
Last Updated on July 7, 2017
Tags: stream of conscious, nonsense



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