Miss Sophie

Miss Sophie

A Story by Carol Cashes

Obituary for Miss Sophie Lorraine Cashes


Yesterday I had to make the hard decision to put Miss Sophie down.  She was fifteen and absolutely, positively, without a doubt, hands down and bar none the goofiest, most ridiculously silly dog I have ever had the privilege and honor of being responsible for.  She was half Boston Terrier and half Toy Poodle with a stocky body and chest and spindly legs.  She looked as goofy as she acted.  She was smart, a good dog, but silly as a little kid on their birthday--every day of her life.  She was my mother’s dog until she was about six months old.  When my grandfather required hospice and my mother and I cared for him until his death, she moved into my grandparent’s home.  They had no fenced yard, but I have a third acre lot with a six foot privacy fence.  She never forgot my mother, and would lose her damn mind when my mother would come over.  She always “minded” us, but I could yell her name over and over when my mother was there and she would literally give me that look that said “You ain’t my real mama”. 


She was not ill.  She was not injured.  She had a stroke on Saturday that left her with no memory of her surroundings or us.  She paced and circled and slept.  She refused food and water.  She left us before her death. 


My heart was filled with so much doubt as to whether it was the right thing to do.  She wasn’t “suffering” as we know it.  However, my mother, who gave us the dog, and my wonderful vet both assured me that her refusal of food and water was her way of saying “I’m gone, now let me go.”


This dog blessed us, loved us, and I am grieving her as I would any family member.  My heart is broken, but my conscience is clean about my decision.  My vet, who cried as she administered the final injection, told me that she’s never, ever heard anyone say they wished they had waited, but has heard over and over many times that they wish they had not waited as long as they did.


All dogs go to heaven…Miss Sophie, your “real” Mama will see you soon.







© 2017 Carol Cashes

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Carol Cashes
My heart is broken

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It hurts to lose our fur family. This was very sad and I'm sorry for your loss.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Its quite brave to share your grief for your dogs passing. Although I'm not a doggie person I can see the bond that builds up. A question that I've often thought about is how we can be 'kind' to our pets when they are in dire straits but we have to let our nearest and dearest suffer for long periods. I have no answer to that dilemma!
I'm sorry for your loss.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Aww bless, i lost my girl 2 years ago and she was 15. Looking at at Sophie's eyes i can see the cataracts that Bonnie also had with old age. She was my son's dog , i bought her for him as a 6 week pup when he was 11, and then when he left home she became mine( she was always mine really). i too made that awful decision to take her to thew vets, she would have lived longer but i sensed she was only hanging on to that old and broken body to please me so one day when she got up with her back out of joint and sticking out i decided enough was enough and i held her little head in my hands as the vet injected her and looked straight into those glazed eyes with kind words as left me.i know how you feel.. 2 years on and here i am cryingjust thinking about it

Posted 1 Year Ago

Haven't sheltered a dog since I was a child. But your lovely valentine to Miss Sophie made me remember those early bewildering losses of my dear furry friends.
Brought back the good times, too.
Thanks, Carol!

Posted 1 Year Ago

This dog only, waited on,
Knowing that when light is gone
Love remains for shining.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
It is the ultimate act of kindness. That is true.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Awww.... Enjoyed this challenging read. Thank-you

Posted 1 Year Ago

This is very sweet. Any pet owner has to go through this trauma at some point. I had a Rottweiler and loved her dearly. I cried for a week after I had her put down.

You did a wonderful job of introducing us to your dog and your feeling for her. The reader can feel the pain you had for losing Miss Sophie.

Posted 1 Year Ago

i can feel your pain and loss ..Sophie's story is heart wrenching ...a good friend had come to that same place and she asked me to be with her dog at that last goodbye ... i wasn't that close to the dog becuase we did not spend that much time together ..i thought i would be just fine and could be there for my friend ..well...i wept for hours as my friend comforted me ..go figure ...we love our animals and they are a huge part of the fabric of our lives .. God bless you dear Carol ..thank you for sharing this with us ..i think each who read also carry just a part of the weight you feel and i believe it helps ...hugs to your mom too :(

Posted 1 Year Ago

' All dogs go to heaven…Miss Sophie, your “real” Mama will see you soon.'
Maybe so, but anyone who can write such a poem has to be honoured as a great and beautiful Mama.

I have two dogs - still, and dread the day. (Carol)

Posted 1 Year Ago

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