Unneeded Warfare

Unneeded Warfare

A Story by gypsy.soul

My opinion on war, and my first speech as the leader of a peace movement.

My way of thinking about war is very simple, there is literally no use. I believe that if we saw souls instead of bodies, races, the world would be such a more peaceful place. Literally EVERYONE would see others with their true intentions, feelings, and see people for who they truly are. Why would you make an entire country suffer for something when 99% of the people killed in the process did nothing to them, did nothing to deserve such a fate. They never signed anything, never did anything to deserve it. They thought they were going to live a happy life, live long, and gt married, have kids, these innocent souls have goals and things they want to do in life, places they want to go. Just like town in a district, cities in a state, states in a country, we have continent on A planet. Read that one more time, A planet, a single planet. Why are we doing things to it, such as warfare, and nuclear attacks, when all it does is ruin the future generations, ruin the ONE planet we have, and help ourselves kill our species off faster. Literally, there is no use in warfare. Most likely 23% of the soldiers killed in the Civil War alone, they were going to do something one day and change the way something we now do, is being done. 
So, what is the point in war? What is the point in killing others? You are killing innocent souls who can never come back, and, yet, they did absolutely nothing wrong. 

© 2017 gypsy.soul

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Added on March 6, 2017
Last Updated on March 6, 2017



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