A Poem by Carole

I am without words when I think of my Father. I tried to capture a small portion of the magnificence & what I feel when I am with Him, His presence.




Emblazoned by the heart of


My Father


Captivated by heaven’s tender touch

Every pore of my being

Imbued with who He is



Mind blowing


Mind boggling



Knowing I am one of many

In the sea of His children



Who am I that He should care?


Who am I that He should touch


     my heart?



Moving me melodiously




Playing me like Heaven’s Violin


Causing my heart to sing a

Harmonious heavenly tune

Of yearning



For more of Him



Moving me

Wooing me

Encapsulating me


Like a chess piece

On the board of life



Totally submitted to


His Will

               His Purpose

               His Plan



Nothing compares

To the articulate God that He is


So Electrifying






A brilliant display of fireworks




Enrapturing me in ecstasy



Eternal bliss like no other

In the presence of My Almighty King

The one who loves me

The one who bids me come


And never turns me away


 Nothing compares to the incredible euphoria

Of touching heaven & holding His hand

      His heart…



Adoring Him

      Loving Him,



Yearning to be with Him

     To touch Him



Even just for a moment



To feel my head upon His chest


To hear the beat of His heart

To be drawn close to the King

To hear His cries for humanity



His groaning

      His moaning

             His longing



For in that moment of time



I am enthralled by the

River of Life He produces

Within me



When that New Wine


Touches my lips

I am






By the beauty of His Love



The waves of His Spirit


Rolling over me


Producing a mellifluous tune

Within my soul



Making me crave His presence more and more

Making me want to search Him out

And press in to that heavenly place

That perfect place

       Where He is




He's Calling...




© 2009 Carole

Author's Note

There is an intrinsic beauty in free flow poetry...I know some of you don't care for it. That's quite alright.
Feel free to review accordingly.

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A standing ovation!! What beauty, I can feel His energy through your words. I know this is how I feel inside through loving Him. Carole, this is so truly beautiful and you have really expressed so well the feeling only Our Father can give us in our hearts! This is so true and refreshing and by reading this, I could filter out all the junk today and replace it with exhilarating exuberance! Keep sharing you gifts, they are astounding. He is putting it on your heart to share because He knows you can do so quite beautifully!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Oh I loooove this!! I can tell you have been with the Father by the words you wrote! Praise HIm! How do you review the hearts cry of a child in love with her daddy?

Wonderful Worship!


Posted 8 Years Ago

Your metaphors fit poignantly! They tie themselves in smoothly like ribbons and embellish the poem with a gentle, but vibrant touch. I think they are the strength of this poem -- or perhaps rather the strength lies in the inspiration behind it. Either way, you have a strident, yet soft and beautiful poem here. He is captivating to you just as the poem is captivating to me. My favorite was the violin metaphor because violins do have that 'yearning' sound and that is exactly what you described it as!
Religious poetry isn't necessarily my cup of tea. I read your latest about a moment standing still in time, and it wasn't quite to my liking. I think I like your poetry more so, as well as any poetry of this genre, when its driven by pathos rather than logos. It creates a stronger impact for your reader, and the images painted and created are breathtaking! Lovely details, and I compliment you on your strong word choice. You show strength and talent, with a colorful imagination. I thought of a rainbow when reading this - and it wasn't because of the colored words and lines. It was your diction.
Again, a great write.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is so beautiful, a perfect description of the love and devotion you feel for your Maker. If I would have had this poem as a visual aid just a few nights ago, maybe I could have answered my brother in law's question to me, "can you tell me exactly WHY you believe in God??"

I just went blank. He doesn't believe. (yet.)

I thought for a moment and then compared my ignorance of the workings of Wall Street to his misunderstandings of Christianity. I told him that if I would have been given a lump of cash in my early 20's, and someone were to come to me, take me by the hand, show me how to invest and how to enjoy it and make it work for me, then maybe I would have a better attitude towards money, less fear, and reason to enjoy it. I told him, "This is like your tendency to brush the concept of God under the rug. You've never experienced Him for yourself. You never had anyone take you by the hand and help you to enjoy Him. You've never given Him a chance!"

He just got sort of quiet.

Yeah but this poem of yours is a much better illustration of why we believe the way we do. It's all about our love for Him, and His love for us. One must be open to experience it.

I do believe that this is the longest review, or comment, that I have ever left in my life.


Posted 9 Years Ago

Beautiful poem! I loved it! As a christian myself, I can see God speeking through you! Thanks for sharing this!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow Carole this is as exquisite as it is divine... true faith shines brightly from this heavenly piece of work.

God bless you

Posted 9 Years Ago

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I love free flowing poems. Your fervency for your Lord is definitely captured in this one!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I love the content of this piece. As you know I like poetry that rhymes but who can doubt the quality of this message. Bravo a true insparation.
Hugs Debby

Posted 10 Years Ago

I can feel HIS energy through your words, and your write is a beautiful gift to us all. Thank you, for I truly loved reading this. All your works are a pleasure to read....Bless YOU!

Posted 10 Years Ago


All we single gals dream about that kind stuff.

Love is what we all long for � I pity you a little because once you'll find a guy to steal your hart, you realize that love is not exactly what you expected.

Nice work.


Posted 10 Years Ago

A beautiful poem my friend........I am in awe myself to be considered "precious in His sight".......That is hard for my mortal mind to grasp.......but so comforting and rewarding.......I am grateful for His blessings despite my unwothiness......Thank you for such heartfelt praise........He smiles.......


Bill :-)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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