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The Evil House

The Evil House

A Story by AaronFreitas

Based on a true story... my former house and some things we went through while living there.


The year was 2012.  I had been married for five years and already the marriage was struggling.  My oldest daughter was five years old, my second daughter was three and my baby girl was just months old.  My wife and I moved to Folsom, the town she grew up in, thinking it would make her happy to be closer to her family.  The home we were living in was a rental on a busy street across from a local park and elementary school.  Four bedrooms, two baths with a decent sized back yard and built on land that used to be fields of fruit trees.  We had only been living in the house for three months but it never quite felt like home.  I felt unwelcome, and unworthy of living there.  The house felt haunted- possessed by an evil spirit protecting its former dwelling.  Three months into our lease is when everything started to happen.


I still remember how thick the air felt; I could cut through it with a butter knife.  Pictures would unexplainably fall over face down and doors mysteriously slammed close. There were a few mornings when I would wake up with scratches on my back, yet no one had nails to do the damage that was done to me.  My daughter’s nails were all trimmed and my wife would bite hers all the way down to the skin.  These scratches… different from anything we had seen before.  They were wide, deep scratches in a pattern of severe anger ripping through my skin. They were not a random scratch from an accidental toss in the bed… they were an evil message sent by something demonic looming inside this house. 


Outside of our master bedroom to the left was the hallway leading to the second bedroom/office, the living room, dining room and kitchen.  To the right were the third bedroom, extra bathroom and the washroom.  Just past the washroom was the door leading into the garage and the fourth bedroom.  Something was always very creepy about that hallway.  In fact, many nights we would leave the hallway lights on just to have a better sense of feeling safe.  Just walking through the hallway would give me the chills.  It felt as if eyes were watching each step I took… slowly breathing evil out into my house. 


            On a stormy Saturday night, my wife decided to take our laundry to the local Laundromat since our washing machine had stopped working.  We had several repairmen try to fix it but could not find anything wrong with it when they evaluated it.  Yet, each time we would put a load in to wash the machine would stop and leave our clothes soaking in dirty water.  


 On this night I was alone with the girls and decided to lay them in bed with me since they were scared of the lightning and thunder.  I cannot lie, I felt a little safer with them next to me as well.  After around thirty minutes they had finally fallen asleep when I heard a loud noise in the kitchen.  I knew there was no way my wife had come back already so I decided to call her.  She answered her phone immediately and told me that she was still at the Laundromat watching the lightning through the stained windows as the clothes washed. 


I decided to check on the noise in the kitchen but first I grabbed my .22 caliber handgun in case there was an intruder.  I walked quietly and took small steps while listening to see if I could hear any movement.  Silence was worse than actually hearing a noise as it left an eerie feeling.  I walked through the entryway into the kitchen to find all the cabinet doors open.  I immediately checked the sliding glass door leading to the back yard but it was locked.  I flung open the pantry door with my gun drawn expecting to see someone jump out but there was only food.  I checked each window but they were all locked as well.  The front door and garage door were also locked meaning there was no way any intruder could have entered my house.  By this time, I have all the lights in the house on and I slowly make my way back to the kitchen. 


As I near the kitchen I stop and stand still.  Not breathing as I sense someone near me.  I slowly turn and look behind me but nothing.  I take a few steps into the kitchen and then it happens.  I feel a freezing cold presence pass over and through me leaving me stuck in my tracks as I can see nothing and hear nothing… yet I feel this cold passing right through me letting me know that IT is present and at this moment I know I have something really f*****g evil in my house. 


I leave the all lights on, as I am terrified of the unknown.  I mean I cannot shoot something I cannot see.  I almost wish it were an intruder instead.  I slowly make my way back to the bedroom and crawl into bed next to my daughters then text my wife and tell her to hurry home.  After a few minutes of silence not counting the thunder, I hear more noise in the kitchen but this time it is louder.  I grab my gun and run to the kitchen to find the drawers thrown open and all the silverware tossed across the kitchen tile.  I hold my gun up as if still not fully believing that this is an evil demonic spirit and wishing I could shoot my way out of this living nightmare.


The lights start to flicker on and off as if I am about to lose power when all of a sudden I feel pressure and tension in the kitchen. A kitchen chair is flung across the room shattering it into pieces against the wall.  The water in my fish tank bubbles as if is a bowl of boiling water and I watch as my koi fish slowly stop swimming and rise to the top dead.  I stood in complete shock, as everything seems to slowly fade away.  The cold is gone.  The tense feeling, thickness of the air returns to normal and I am left with a mess to clean up.  I have no idea what I did to piss this thing off but I got the message loud and clear, I am not welcome here!


A few nights passed with no incidents and it seemed as if maybe everything was normal in our house.  I had spent the past few nights not getting a lot of sleep so I decided to go to bed early and catch up.  I locked the doors and turned down the lights while my wife lounged on the couch staying awake catching up on her recorded TV shows.  I had been asleep for an hour or so when my wife woke me up sneaking in under the sheets.  Two of the girls were asleep in their room while the baby slept peacefully in our bed.  I was in a deep sleep when I was awakened by whispers.  I looked over and saw my wife sitting up in the bed looking straight ahead into the hallway.  It was uncannily quiet now and the first thing I noticed was all the lights were off.  We never leave the lights off at night.  There are dimmers on the hallway lights so they are always left on but turned down low when we go to sleep.


My wife continued to sit up when she whispers to me that she heard someone talking.  As she was saying these words we heard a voice from the hallway scream out “mommy!”  My wife jumped up from the bed and at the same time the garage door was opened and slammed shut so hard it shook the walls of the entire house.  I let out a loud yell in fear of what was happening and I grabbed my gun running toward the garage.  My wife was in the hallway holding our three-year-old daughter who was crying hysterically yet still half asleep.  I stormed out the garage door expecting to find someone who ran out of the house trying to kidnap our daughter while my wife frantically ran to the bedroom to check on our oldest.  In the room, my oldest daughter laid sound asleep oblivious to everything that was happening.  In the garage the roll-up garage doors were shut and the door leading into the back yard was dead bolt locked from the inside.  There was no way anyone could have run out of the house. 


I went through each room, closet, and restroom and under every bed clearing the house of an intruder.  We found nothing and no one.  We put the girls in our bed, made sure everything was locked then locked our bedroom door with my family in the room.  Once we felt safe we asked our daughter if she had opened the garage door or what she remembered.  I knew damn well there was no way possible for her to open and slam the door as hard as it was slammed.  She uttered, “a little boy woke me up and took my hand… we were walking to go outside and play in the garage.  He promised that it was safe to go with him but I was scared so I called for mommy.”  It was enough to scare the life out of me.  I remember feeling helpless.  I checked every corner of the house, every lock and every room, I know there was no human in the house besides my family but was this a spirit trying to take my daughter? 


Once the girls all fell asleep my wife and I talked about what we remembered happening.  Her story left me with a feeling I have never felt before; a fear I have never felt before.  She explained that a little boy awakened her at her bedside whispering to her that our daughter needed her and that someone was trying to steal her soul.  That is when she fully woke up and sat up in bed and called for our daughter which may be what I heard.  We knew at that point that something evil tried to steal our daughter, not a living person. 


This was not the first time my daughter had been up walking around the house at night.  There had been several times where we wake up and go look for her and she is asleep in a closet, in the living room or another bedroom.  We had awakened to see her walking and talking to someone, we just always assumed she was sleepwalking.  Now we knew there may be something more serious going on. 


            The next morning I walked outside to find my neighbor washing his car.  I sparked up a conversation and brought up the incident from the night before.  My neighbor had eight cameras all around the outside of his house since his vehicle had been broken into the year before.  He checked his cameras, which slightly overlaps into my backyard where he could see if a person left from my garage.  He found nothing at all only confirming our worst nightmare.   


Later day we decided to meet with a fortuneteller… yeah, not my typical cup of tea but I was desperate for answers.  What she had to say, or what the cards had to say, left me speechless.  She informed me that there was an evil spirit in my house that was trying to take the soul of one of my daughters.  This evil spirit is extremely possessive and has latched on to my daughter, trying to steal her soul.  The only way to get rid of it is to have a Priest bless the house with holy water and to have what was basically an exorcism done to the house.  If we tried to move without the ritual, the spirit could follow us now that it was attached to my daughter.  Then the card reader looked at my wife and asked if she ever lost a child.  My wife replied with a no.  The card reader said “you did lose a child, maybe a child you didn’t know you were pregnant and lost him when he was very early into the pregnancy.  Your son was the voice that woke you up and he is the one who was protecting your daughter.” I sat watching and listening stunned and not knowing what to say or do. 


 At first I didn’t believe it, but how the hell could she make all this up without knowing what had happened?  All the card reader knew at the time of reading our cards was that my wife and I were trying to find out about some negative energy.  To read the cards and explain what she felt was happening was horrifying.  We packed up and stayed with family for a few days until we could have things done to the house.  We decided to have our house blessed with holy water, burned candles, and had a local priest (also a relative) say prayers in the house to rid the spirit.   We knew deep down inside we were doing this for the safety of our daughter but we knew we had to leave this house no matter what.  The important thing was that we left and this thing did not follow us.  


A few weeks passed and our house was peaceful.  We had some luck and found a house to move into thirty minutes away.  We explained to our landlords why we needed to get out of our lease and in a strange way they agreed and allowed us to back out of the contract. We moved a few days later and never had any more incidents with this demonic spirit.  We never had any issues at our next house.  The possessive spirit was detached from my daughter and we were able to live safe from evil.


After a few months we passed by the old house on the way to visit my in laws.  We still got a creepy vibe just being in the presence of the evil inside that house.  We found out through a relative that the new tenants asked to get out of their contract after three months because the house was evil and they couldn’t take it anymore.  They had several bad experiences in the house and wanted out.  We were able to get away safe, but will they?




© 2015 AaronFreitas

Author's Note

I know not everyone will read a short story but for those of you that do let me know your thoughts :)

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Featured Review

Nice horror story based on true events. I read the comments as well and agree it is somewhat of an account of what happened to you, but I also feel you could turn it into a wonderful thriller. Seasoned with a little dialogue it could be quite an intriguing story. Good job of writing. Thank you for sharing.

Peace, Todd

Posted 2 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


2 Years Ago

Thanks for the feedback buddy... I want to expand and write some horror stories and really just vent.. read more


Aaron, you have a real talent for short story writing I believe. I love ghost stories and this one really kept my attention. Aside from a few typos and grammatical errors which I am sure you would pick up on a second reading, it was just superbly written. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading any others you write!

Posted 2 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


2 Years Ago

Thank you very much Dara.. yeah I need to go back and read again. I wrote a really basic version th.. read more
OK, when you say "letting me know that he/she is present" that gives it an identity and at that time in the story you don't know anything about it. So rather than he/she it is just a presence, a feeling or an IT "letting me know that it is present" that way you keep your time line right.
You tell a good story and it is written flawlessly, I don't know how many short stories you have written but you did an excellent job. Now speaking on the subject matter of your story it is spooky enough but you need to put a twist or two in so it isn't predictable. If your readers know where your going with your story before they read it then they might not bother to finish it. From reading your poetry I know that you are very creative and I know you are twisted enough to put some twist in a short story :~)

Also there is a big market for this kind of story, you could make good money from writing short stories, you have the talent.

Posted 2 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


2 Years Ago

Thanks for the feedback Bear :) I will definitely change he/she to IT... makes sense. I haven't do.. read more

2 Years Ago

I wish you good luck and the only advise I will offer is to do the research before you write. The mo.. read more
Aaron; I loved it! Didn't skip a beat, was entralled from the beginning; did smile a lot, just the visual of you running about the house. The content was wonderful; (have a friend who would love this) - Frankly, I would have ran like hell; you style of story writing is smooth, great flow full of twists and turns, and the images were wonderful too. I've had creepy things happen, suppose loads of people do. That movie about the doll; recent (I refuse to say the name, just in case, Hehehe) scared me to death. My son rented it and we cuddled up and OMG, no way. The thing is with this type of story, it's compelling, for me anyway. I have to read it all the way through and with your writing I couldn't stop! There is evil, and my home has been blessed. Seriously, my BF and me grew up with her Grandmother scaring the you know what out of us. She had a old many stories. Anyway, you did a fantastic job. Perfect! You nailed it Aaron. Thanks so much! Dale

Posted 2 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


2 Years Ago

Thank you so much for your amazing feedback and review :) I haven't seen that movie yet although I .. read more

2 Years Ago

You're welcome; loved it...seriously loved it...
Flawless. Gripping and beautifully terrifying. I'm sure I'll have nightmares. :p LOL! Thank you for sharing.

Posted 2 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


2 Years Ago

Thank you very much :) Appreciate your feedback!

2 Years Ago

As someone who is, as I like to call it, "supernaturally sensitive," I, too, have had similar experi.. read more

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I love to write, most my work tends to be on the darker side. I write from my heart and tend not to mess with it too much. I guess sometimes I write and post without focusing on what everyone else w.. more..

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