I Hear Her Scream

I Hear Her Scream

A Poem by An owl on the moon

Four red walls: January


Reeds grabble and grope on a distant shore; long since washed away. Smells, at once sweet and repulsive brush the air. Deep emerald vines weave tapestry and lace across the sand.


Playful footsteps, a child’s footsteps

dance over mud and mire.

What seems a horror to eyes of age,

brings joy to a child’s fire.


     She stares out to sea. The reeds seem to carry her across the marsh in an unhindered dance.


“If I could know now what I will,

or see now what I shall,

oh, what a wonderful vision of hope it would be.”


     Spinning and laughter fill her mind as she turns toward the blazing sun. Before her stand four stone walls:


Scarlet to think by;

crimson to grow;

cardinal to dream by;

ruby to know.


     On each wall, a crystal door. Through each door, a sacred path. In silence she grasps at the way.

     “What if I choose poorly?” (Scarlet.)

         “How can I know what will become?” (Crimson.)

   “Do I hold good or evil in my hand?” (Cardinal.)

        “Will I sing or weep?” (Ruby.)

     Her answer cries, “Piercing silence!”


This dream, a life;

this life, a dream.

Immersed in darkness,

I hear her scream.

© 2018 An owl on the moon

Author's Note

An owl on the moon
Excerpts from the first chapter of An Owl on the Moon: A Journal From the Edge of Darkness… January.

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Wonderful🌹touching and alive🦋

Posted 6 Days Ago

An owl on the moon

4 Days Ago

Your lifting words are such a blessing. :)
I love the way you've created a brisk interplay between prose & poetry. I love your rhyming & your "shorthand" way of painting just a bit of imagery, here and there, along the journey your message takes. Most of all, I love that you use many splendored words for "red" -- something I'm often harping on in my reviews -- this shows a true love of vocabulary -- so many interesting ways to express each concept with fresh words! (((HUGS))) fondly, Margie

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

An owl on the moon

1 Week Ago

Dear Margie, thank you for your wondrous lifting words, always so encouraging to me. This came from .. read more
Wonderful use of words and thoughts. Can I buy the book my friend? Your words making the reader feel and understand the thoughts and places in the words. I felt the struggle and the scream. Thank you for sharing the outstanding poetry.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

An owl on the moon

2 Weeks Ago

SO thankful to have you by again, my friend. You are always so encouraging and lifting to all of us .. read more
Coyote Poetry

2 Weeks Ago

Okay I will check out and you are welcome my friend.
Wow, this is the best write I have read on here. I enjoyed this so much. Such a charming poetic piece. You tell an amazing story. I can see it all through your imagery, and feel a certain sadness and beauty within your words.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

An owl on the moon

2 Weeks Ago

It is a joy to have your presence here, and to have your encouragement in my writing, dear poet.
Oh yes their are many shades of red, finding the one that makes your blood flow can be a tough choice.

Brilliant writing sir.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

An owl on the moon

3 Weeks Ago

My friend, so glad to have you by again. And so glad to know you are growing stronger. Blessings.
Wow. Craig, you have shared a true gem here. I love when writing captures my hungry eyes and I cannot look away until the end. Your words are so sapient, so lush and full of life. I wonder what treasures live in your thoughts....

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

An owl on the moon

3 Weeks Ago

Oh, dear one! You always find light in my darkness. The stars of my night sky. Thank you so much. Ho.. read more

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An owl on the moon
An owl on the moon

Welcome to my page of poetry... May you find peace and inspiration... Craig When the owl sings, the night is silent. (Quand le hibou chante, La nuit est silence) - Charles de Leusse "We don'.. more..


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