Meet David

Meet David

A Story by Chris M.

David likes a girl who doesn't know he exists. Let's see how he reacts. This is my first attempt at writing from the perspective of the narrator and never actually hearing from the protagonist.


Meet David.


Hi, David.


He is a twenty-seven-year-old man from Wisconsin. He is unmarried, works as a Web Designer for a site you’ve never heard of, and often wonders if cows know they spend their life waiting to get eaten by everyone, and, by extension, him.

They don’t, they’re just cows. Get it together David.


David! Pay attention!

Better. Thank you.

So David, is there anything you would like to say to the reader. Come on, don’t be shy. I’m sure you’d love to hear from David, would you?

David made an attempt to speak, I'm sure it was very poignant and lovely. Thank you, that is quite enough David. You can go now. I’m sure you have a lot of work to do.

Say good bye David.


Good bye David.

David has a big day ahead of him. Today is the day that all of his dreams come true. You see, David loves his job, but he loves Jenny more.

Jenny is a twenty-four-year-old woman from somewhere outside of Tacoma. She has beautiful blonde hair, long and flowing. Big, bright brown eyes that a man could get lost in. She moved to Wisconsin back in 2014 and has been with the website ever since. Well, the website and Jared.

 David hates Jared.

Jared works in the mailroom and spends his life going nowhere. David was seconds away from walking up to Jenny and introducing himself but Jared beat him to her.

Jared is tall, and handsome and an absolute idiot. David doesn’t know what she sees in him.

It’s probably the handsome thing.

Today is the day where Jared will finally be out of the picture.

See, a few days ago David took the liberty of acquiring a couple thousand dollars of computer equipment that the site recently purchased for one thing or another. The site was very quick about finding out that the equipment had gone missing. What they didn’t realize is that since the theft the equipment has been living in the living room of David’s studio apartment.

Until today.

Earlier this morning, David moved all the equipment to a storage locker near Jared and Jenny’s apartment. He also took the liberty of putting the locker in Jared’s name. He also made an anonymous tip to the cops.

David was proud of what he did. He felt like a good citizen for telling the cops what he did, or, what Jared did.

Right about now David is watching the cops casually stroll into the offices, the boss walked into the mail room a few minutes before, no doubt to give a few choice words to Jared.



Girlfriend stealer.

Those were all examples of words running through David’s head as the cops walked Jared out of the building in hand cuffs.

Jenny was standing by the door, crying.

David didn’t feel as good about this. A knot in his throat began to form. He didn’t want to make Jenny cry, he just wanted Jared out of the picture. David knew that Jenny would be much happier with him instead of Jared.

Cheer up David, this is what you wanted. Put on your best empathetic face and go over there. Claim your prize, champ. 

David walks up to Jenny and introduces himself. Jenny says “hi” but not in a nice to meet you sort of way. David sees the tears on her face and swallows the knot.

David says he’s sorry about Jared, doing his best not to show his pride in his actions and leaves.

Wait, David, why didn’t you make your move? She was ready all you had to do was seal the deal.

What do you mean she wasn’t ready?

You felt bad? Why? We talked about this, Jared was a jerk. He had to go.

Yes, he’s gone, but someone else will take his place. That someone was supposed to be you.

No, you don’t have time. This is what happened last time! What about Kevin, what about Derrek, or Allen!

We’ve seen all of them talking to her. Remember how she smiled? Remember how angry that made us? They have the ability! They have the gumption, what about you David? What do you have?

Nothing, that’s right. You have nothing without her!

Now get back over there and ask her out!

No, wait, what are you doing. Get back there!

What do you mean you are going to wait until tomorrow? You worthless coward. You are nothing without her and you will never be anything more than nothing. You might as well just give up then.

God. This is just like last time.

…I’m sorry about that everyone. I don’t know what got into David there.

He’ll do better next time.

I’ll make sure of it.  

© 2017 Chris M.

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Added on November 28, 2017
Last Updated on November 28, 2017
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Chris M.

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