Depression or Love?

Depression or Love?

A Chapter by code241

This is the 4th chapter of CALC and i rushed to fit in for this chapter, so don't blame me if it isn't as good as the other ones.


“Why him…” EO was finally crying.  “He did what was right,” said MT, trying to calm her down, but she was just too deeply in love with him.  “Come on, get a grip of yourself and prepare for the next wave!” MT was furious at the way one of his well trained officers acted.  “Sorry to bother you sir, but we are ready to ship the injured and dead ones home,” an officer, dressed in a white uniform.  “Go ahead… no! Wait!” MT rushed up to the small officer, “Let’s see SB one last time before they take him back. Come on EO.”  EO cried even harder.


(Few days back)


“What’s happening?”  The entire deck was empty, due to the condition that the whole deck was venting atmosphere.  It was a sudden shock to him that is was happening because he had just come back down from his daydream.  “SB, we need you on deck 3; it was, or still is breaking apart,” said a Private.  Immediately, one of the other officers helped him back on his feet, cleaned him up, and pulled him down to deck 3.  The ship consists of 5 decks and each deck has a different station for each purpose.  Deck 1 is the Bridge, Deck 2 is the Medical Bay, Deck 3 is the Mechanical bay, Deck 4 is the Lounge and weapons station, and Deck 5 is the Cabin for resting people.  “Come on!”  SB was trying his hardest to keep awake, but his sugar level was dropping, because of space travel and this usually happens to him when the new ships launch. 


SB had to resist the effects of this new technology called “soda”.  The effects were bad for him, since the materials inside soda were “toxic” to his body.  Although, it was considered a drug, the military decided that it would be used to control morale.  SB walked dizzily, after being helped up by an officer, to the Deck that he was suppose to be at; his eyesight became blurry and couldn’t see a thing, or more of it fuzzing up.  EO noticed that SB wasn’t focused, so she sprinted to the nearest medical station and grabbed a “shot”.  Slowly stumbling to the ground, SB was pricked by a sharp needle, slipped in by EO.  This “shot”, the antidote, a shot, or known as a needle with stuff in it, into SB, before he attracted a lot of attention. 


“Thanks…” that was the only thing that SB could think of, when he saw EO, or course.  Just then was when he realized that he was in a deep feeling of interest towards her.  “Hello, sir?” a private broke through to him eventually or from his daydream again.  “Yes, private?” are the words came from his mouth.  “Sir, these decks have prob …Umm… sir?”  “Huh?” SB was gawking at EO as she walked right past him. 


A streaking sound came from outside the window, which seemed far away to be noticed.  The faint SHHHH noise came closer and closer, but the invisible force acted upon its object before the sound had reached it.  Slowly, the ship began to build up energy for an explosion.  “Evacuate the ship!” SB found himself in the same situation 15 years ago, when he first met MT…

© 2010 code241

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Try and do you best at ignoring grammar problems

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Added on February 12, 2010
Last Updated on February 12, 2010
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Unknown, WA

I find it quite interesting actually. My life is OK and I feel great that my writing has improved a whole bunch in just a couple of months. If you don't believe me, go to my first story and read my .. more..

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