Dream Journal #1

Dream Journal #1

A Story by Coltron

I'd like to get back into the habit of recording my dreams. I still have a hard time remembering them. This dream fell directly between two others that I do not remember. I'm not sure what genre under which to classify this. I put it under nonfict


 I was in a war of sorts. I met with a member of the OpFor at my car, the old blue Buick, in the middle of a sprawling complex of derelict and partially destroyed buildings. I was a sniper, but for a moment played the role of diplomat.

     The woman I met came with her daughter. They were attractive, bluish-gray humanoids with elongated (laterally, front-to-back), sort of rectangular heads, and they seemed to be composed of some sort of hard material.

     She and I made negotiations over a pile of Cadbury Cream Eggs that sat in the driver's seat of my car. She was proud and kind. I offered the woman and her daughter a couple of eggs of my own. Though touched, she refused due to the constraints of whatever organization with which she was affiliated. I think I gave her the eggs to deliver to her superiors, and she was pleased.

     After the woman and her daughter departed, I took my rifle out of my car and resumed the role of soldier. I now faced the daunting, age-old trope of placing personal feelings aside as I fought an enemy with whom I had begun to feel an emotional attachment. At this point, the point of view shifted from first-person to third. A loose narration, more felt than heard or spoken, indicated a budding intimacy between myself and the woman, almost a "star-crossed lovers" sort of thing.

© 2008 Coltron

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This dream kicks a*s.

You have beautiful concrete imagery, use good diction, and weave in several highly interesting and unusual themes that grab the reader.

I love it.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Was this an actual dream you had, or strictly fiction? Its very interesting, albeit a little confusing! ;0) I liked it though, and will read more of your stuff.
Are you interested in dream interpretation? I have dozens of books on the subject..I find it fascinating.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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thats kinda funny cause my church has been selling easter eggs and they have soo many leftovers, that this lady and my mom had to go to parkng lots of stores to sell them. this kinda makes me think of the same thing, only reversed. you just have a bad craving for easter eggs. lol think about it, look at the shape of their heads.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Colorado Springs, CO

Still learning. Please give honest criticism; I'm not one to take offense. more..


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