Dream Journal #2

Dream Journal #2

A Story by Coltron

This is the second dream that I have committed to text.


Something interesting happened here. I woke up at around 6 AM on a Friday and immediately decided that I was not going to school. I fell asleep and experienced a series of dreams. What I have written here occurred in the middle of the series. I was presented with a question that I've asked myself for as long as I can remember dreaming. I entered this dream in medias res, but I cannot tell whether the memories were from another earlier dream, or were created within this one. Had I dreamt the preface to this story earlier in the morning, or were its memories contained within this story itself?


A thin, neatly dressed man with short, black hair and glasses arrives on a tiny planet he has not visited in some time.

The first thing the man encounters is a set of boys running around in the grass. As they notice the man, the boys excitedly approach. They have changed since last he saw him - they wear less ragged clothes and seem to have healthier builds. As he sees this improvement, the man notices various others in the surrounding environment. The sparsely placed houses that mark the village are under better repair, and the grass is actually greener. The man is aware that he is responsible for the improvement of the third-world planet he visits.

"Mr. Ian! __________________!" He listens as the boys catalog all that Ian has missed in his absence. He informs them that upon entering, he learned that Mr. ________ intends to write a novel. As he explains, the scene changes to a still image of recently created, still-wet stationary with a checkered red design. The stationary sits on rolls in a small room.

It is understood, though not directly stated, that Ian has previously secured, for these two boys, the job of making paper on this island.

As Ian speaks, and as the focus remains on the red, textured paper on rolls, the two boys look up towards their benefactor and pay earnest attention. Mr. ________'s plans to write a novel mean good business, but they also signal much work to be done in the near future...

© 2008 Coltron

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This is a bit confusing, but interesting. What is the signifigance of the fact that these boys
appear healthier and are dressed better? Is it because this man has helped them and he is just now seeing the results?
As i was reading this I needed to remind myself it wasnt a fictional story, but a dream. Whenever someone tells me about their dreams, I try to figure out what it means in regards to their life. Since I dont really know you Colton, I can only guess or go with that I've read in dream interpretation books.
First of all, you mention a tiny planet and that he hasnt been there in sometime. What do you think the planet symbolizes? is it feelings you havent wanted to acknowledge? Is the fact that things have improved a way of telling yourself that you've personally made changes for the better?
The part about the still wet stationary with red checkered design leaves me without much to say....unless there is some signifigance to it in your subconscious? Alot of people associate that red checkered design with table cloths in old fashioned ma and pop diners..or picnics? Could your subconscious be trying to tell you something you may have forgotten in the past?
Do you feel that you are this Mr. Ian? or in the dream, do you see this from afar, as if just a viewer of it all?
Maybe you want to write a novel yourself and you want it to be something that helps people--makes things better for someone somehow...but it seems like something as out of reach as a far away planet? The grass is greener....are you at a point where you're trying to make a decesion and think maybe the grass is greener on the other side ,as they say?
Maybe you weren't dreaming at all....maybe you were reliving some moments from a previous life?
Or maybe, you ate some pickle chips before you went to bed and it caused you to have some just weird a*s dreams?
This is why I love dream analyzation so much..there are so many different explanations and possibilities...Ive started stories based on dreams Ive had. Maybe that is what you're supposed to do Colton? Maybe if you enter the world of Psychology, you're area of expertise will be working with children, and you will make some sort of major impact that will change lives for the better?

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Still learning. Please give honest criticism; I'm not one to take offense. more..