I Thought, I Do.

I Thought, I Do.

A Chapter by Constance-Outspoken

I thought I loved once, now I know...

I thought I loved once...
Internal flames singed my reason
Infernal hope traipsed across
the deserted valley my heart had become
Thirsting for Gnosis, my lips misspoke

I thought I loved twice...
Prospects grew perpetually dimmer
Prophets insisted I dream
for one day I would reach safe harbor
Forgive me, men I almost settled for

I loved, many times, I thought...
Muttered I: I am weary, nothing more
Mustered, then, the courage to walk
into the unknown, freestanding-- apart
Invincible and cold, I thought I was

I thought you didn't exist once...
Inherent savior of this woman's heart
Indelible ink penned your name
on my soul long before ever I saw you:
Only man in the known and unknown universe

I have loved once, been loved once...
Metaphorically speaking, this isn't
metaphorical at all, at long last you
light my full senses ablaze, unhinge utter joy
Lately I no longer believe in "corny"

I love, I know, and I think about
people who only think they've loved,
poor souls who may never comprehend
this amazing communion of beings
that to many shall never own a face


© 2010 Constance-Outspoken

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This poem is very full, extremely honest and very well written. I love the lines about the only man in the universe, it really does happen that way I think for some and sometimes only after a bit of fidgeting around withthe others Nice write.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This poem has a remarkably nice rhythm, unlike most of the sing-song posts I've found on this site. I think this piece accurately captures how the mind spins over love, past and present, and maybe even future. Sometimes, however, we're just too intelligent for our own good. I digress. Metaphorically speaking, this isn't metaphorical at all. . .

Posted 8 Years Ago

Some of us are so in love with love that we commit too easily. (I know--I've been married 4 times)
I'm going to cross all my fingers for you, Constance. Your writing is outstanding, senstive and thoughful as always.

Posted 8 Years Ago

A bow for life.. Love.. and it can kill
Present tense. I love..
Past.. I loved.. but all in all
Love is.. here

Posted 8 Years Ago

How often we struggle, trying to define and express that sense of love that is deep and lasting. Here you confess to the wanderings of the past, and now to the beautiful expression of the present. Such a lifting, hopeful write for those searching. Wonderful!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Wow this is really wonderful... that is very deep in emotion and full of complete admiration and love...my heart rate speed up reading it.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Who wants to know where I am, when who I am is all that matters?, KS

Meh. I write crap. I write crap because I've always been alone. more..


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