We are Fabulous ( First Draft)* the Second Coming,

We are Fabulous ( First Draft)* the Second Coming,

A Poem by lee von cleef

I am = Jesus,this piece has me sitting in the rain,in truck ,a older version of the one my daughter was killed in,waiting by the main road(we live in the country)for my daughter,(younger) to get back


We are fabulous.    
Well, she is fabulous.
It is me who is a mess.

Waiting time in the rain
Free time for me to shine.
Like the volleyball coaches,
Six foot Yippy ! line marked on her door frame wall.
Every girl over gets a Yippy !
Because they can "Really"
Block or spike the ball,
Wow ! girls six feet tall.

What I found in the glove box,
To escape the desperation, doubt and fear.
Glove box, short bed Chevy truck.( This Chevy truck can heal itself )
Bought for me by she,after our loss.

I believe
I am   me, the mess.
The box, of treasure, of time,
I was lucky to find.
Probably a gene passed to me through
             ( me  I am  , a hoarder too)* ( I blame it on the generation of women who burnt their bras and the one that let them vote,1984 2% Liechtenstein, of course it could be a* E J  thing too)(*My Grand mother who wore gloves)

Women who saved their men,
By storing enough to get through,
Time of not,
To have,   when,
A need,
Was true,
Not,   a want,
"A time of no time"     Deep Thought. "Time of no Time"

Like six feet above or below,
The ground, compare ,contrast.
The difference between a,
Decision or Discernment.
Not knowing, reverence or fear, are they the
Same thing ?

The glove in the glove box,
Was my grandmothers,   and like socks,
There was only one.

Just like she, but,
But she does have a sister.
And now we three, have only one.
We are two, She's sister makes three.
Add us together we make a family of
So small after the loss.
Not like the picture of the reunion ,   That was real.
Today, we can only imagine.

The glove box trinity and me.

" Is the Holy Spirit like a T V commercial when you put the T V on mute,
You still hear what is said in your head ?" *( only if you are watching)

"This glove is it like Jesus ?
Sacrificed,tattered,stained,pierced,worn to protect
The hand, man ? "

"Oh God above, is he love ? or light ?
or both ? "as I follow his guide posts of pine.
"Big A*s Tree" little needles to prick me.

I find more treasures in this glove box.
A paper corset with the number 2000 written around it.
Void a hole in it, the money $
Body gone, But the thought remains real.

Temptation spent that plan. I can not remember for what?
Back of the glove box, I reach.
Rain a river of rain streams around me,this Chevy, this glove box ,
I am, echos in this,

A glory be, sort of moment. I open
A stamped ,stained,unsealed,yellow envelope,
With two pictures,  a thank you note.
No Address.
Now you understand why,  I am  ,a mess.
She must of delegated me to address,
After all "They are my relatives "

Her words, These pictures, contain pure love,
"Reverence" I ask for his grace and theirs. I
Pray for forgiveness. I
Pray for hope.Hope, that there is still time.

Even though this yellow envelop is years late. I
Pray that they can appreciate, feel,
The meaning of prayer.

Grief is just a measure of loss. Double theirs and mine,
They lost a daughter too,
Our common loss,
Has been so much to bare. Yet feasting on his manna,
Perseverance,hard work,red wine,bourbon,scotch and beer. I
Pray my note of thanks is music ,
Heart Felt .

© 2014 lee von cleef

Author's Note

lee von cleef
"Jesus completed his self and ascended - 12 years-Years don't apply to years in ancient Hebrew text...Separate the stories of man from the symbols which return you.40 years,days means transformation." Anonymous Text sent me, Un -finished I will condense, reduce this on a burner so the flavor is better,44 readers and not a like it yet!Mathew " I am with you always" (28:20) Hymnal 421 "Rolling Thunder" How great tho art.

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...I am, echos in this,

I read this yesterday... and now come back to review... you have added pictures that immediately break my heart... i got the shivers, really, with that yellow envelope, those trees and flowers...

This piece has power-- it gets under my skin, makes me feel loss, intensely. This experience and how you drew it-- i feel like I am looking through a sheet of tears, feeling forward, searching for something to grasp on to. And then, there is a healing... this surprise gift-- a knowing that you are not alone, in what you are going through... and that strong woman, another gift -- for how desperately we all need someone to hold us up, allow that need to be weak, and read what is in ,that yellow envelope...

and as for the structure.. i was fascinated by your use of parenthesis and stars... referencing, who, not you, this voice belongs to...

Wow, Lee, this touches me-- words bled straight from the heart. An incredible poem.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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I can't articulate how affecting this was, this one will stay with me for quite some time...

Not knowing, reverence or fear, are they the
Same thing ?

So many questions in the aftermath of loss, many layers of pain here, the insight is intense, such a powerfully profound piece my friend.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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absolutely one of the most powerful journeys through a poetic eye that i have traveled upon since i joined this site.

so absorbing, the sadness, the laughter, the tears, the years of being a smaller family...the waiting for them to come back around.
this is beyond what words can express in comment.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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jacob erin-cilberto

4 Years Ago

i came here to go to school in 1968...and stayed...one of my best friends my first year in the dorm .. read more
lee von cleef

4 Years Ago

he will know all mine, I too met my first day at N A U, Fisher ( Lumber) Morrissey ( Construction) H.. read more
Whitney Shaw

3 Years Ago

I liked it, it was very touching and emotional. I am not a big fan of poems, but this one is the bes.. read more
This is such a personal journey and one which is expressed in such a powerful manner - emotional doesn't even cut it - this is a masterpiece and poetry from the heart that was felt and heard, it is humbling to have read this hon, hugs x

Posted 4 Years Ago

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This is so difficult to review. Not because I don't follow or because it is too dense with emotion. But because it is so raw. Phrases and words like fine write or well constructed fade into insignificance against the sheer power of this. The hurt that flows like a line throughout and yet the powerful beauty of these words that seem to come from so deep. I too do not feel qulified and yet I am glad I saw and experienced.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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The other glove is in heaven
Holding peacefully protecting with a strength
Smaller now the family on tangible earth
Larger now those who look down and guide
They guide us with one glove to an envelope
An envelope filled with a past
They smile knowing that all are angels
Short bed Chevy....hugging holding waiting for a memory
This is a beautiful write heart felt emotion
Thank you more then I can express

Posted 4 Years Ago

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thanks for inviting me to this, enjoyed walking through your words

Posted 4 Years Ago

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The dancing of the soul and mind in this work is comprehensible but like watching a shaman work with tears and relics. It was pain shut out as I read it, in me I think. I can not imagine because I do not want to.thank you very much for sharing.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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This is an incredible poem.
I do not feel worthy to even
comment on such a powerful poem.
I just want to say that I am
praying for you and all others
who have experienced the
loss of a child.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Man, Lee. This is why I love poetry; the tool that gives you the ability to organize that vast heart, all those emotions, make some sense (as if one could ever really do that –– but poetry gives You a chance ...) Of that loss... Fell out of you like one of those reel to reel clips, or super 8's; the flashbacks, the introspection ––– the voice over.
There is a concentration of love, of trying to remember, that you have captured here. There is nothing between your heart and the pen, pure gentle remembrance.

Always an honor to read your soul/ Her soul

Posted 4 Years Ago

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you bare your soul in this piece, Lee .. that takes a lot of courage to do ... each line peels a bit of skin and flesh as one reads it .. the heaviness of your grief is palpable .. i also believe that Jesus is all He said He is and collapse upon trusting in His faithfulness all the time .. prayers, hugs and more prayers to you and your family ..

Posted 4 Years Ago

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lee von cleef
lee von cleef


Good morning,Thank you for stopping by. I like to write,I like to layer a story into a poem,I want to crack through to the reader,add emotion to life, theirs and mine. more..


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