A Poem by Crazycatgirl_10

A poem I wrote for my dad for Father's Day.


You probably remember the day I was born
I was small and fragile
And as you held me in you big arms
You didn't want to let go or want anyone to ever hurt me 

Then you blinked and I was walking
Talking my first steps around the house
I would fall and cry
It hurt you too but you knew
That I need to learn to fall and get back up

Then I was talking
A little chatterbox I was
And even though I drove you crazy with endless talking
You wouldn't trade me for any other daughter
Because I was yours

Suddenly it was the first day of school
Your little girl was growing up right before your eyes
You wanted me to stay little forever
But also wanted me to spread my wings and fly
So you let me go

Elementary school came and went
All too soon it was time for middle school and high school
Your little girl wasn't so little anymore
Even when she didn't really want you to,
You had her back in case she needed someone to fall back on

Now she is graduated, about to go to college
Your little girl is now a young woman
I know that sometimes you wish I hadn't grown up so fast
But yet I did

So Dad this is for you.
Thank you for the protection you provided,
For being that bigger hand to hold when I was scared
Cause even though you teased and sometimes punished
I wouldn't trade you for any other dad.

Your daughter

© 2016 Crazycatgirl_10

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Added on October 6, 2016
Last Updated on October 6, 2016



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