Their Misery, My Delectation

Their Misery, My Delectation

A Story by Broken Hearts

Surrounded by a thick fog,
but the screams of agony penetrate.
Somewhere off in the imperceptible beyond
she's trapped in a hell.
Her soul wandered from her body,
and the world snatched it up.

They took every fraction of who she was,
eliminating the light and innocence.
Piercing every memory,
and injecting it with distress.
The world isolated her,
converting joy into sorrow.

"Sire she's been groomed." the world announced with a smirk.

He disappears into the fog,
not a minute has escaped when the sound of satisfaction is heard.

She's curled into a corner
appearing paralyzed.
Upon hearing my footsteps
she glances up.
What I see pleases my soul,
for her eyes are lifeless,
the thoughts haunting her mind
are written across her face.
However, my greatest pleasure of all
is the sight of her body.
She's slit every visible part of it,
and the blood it's fueling my bliss.
At last she's given in
to suffocating in misery for my delectation.

"You have done well my servants, now onto the next."

© 2017 Broken Hearts

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Added on June 23, 2017
Last Updated on June 23, 2017
Tags: voyeur, misery, pain, depression, brokenness


Broken Hearts
Broken Hearts

Montrose, CO

I'm a 16 year old writer/poet. I try to let myself be inspired by whatever or whoever is around me, so I’ll never know what I’m writing about till it’s done. more..


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